September 23, 2008

Introducing myself...

Hello everybody!

I officially started my blog... I'm not even sure what this is for... mostly for make up and beauty shizz :) I've always been interested in make up, I've been doing make up for my friends since forever, and I even want to go to a beauty school once I finish my degree in Commerce. I've always wanted to open up my own make up store here in Perth, more high-end make up, it'll be like heaven to go to work and be surrounded by make up! :D

I'm a girly girl, I love my make up, I swear like a sailor (I'm trying to quit, promise...) but don't let that fool you, I am nice, I promise! I'm also into more natural make up, something that will bring out your best features and hide those which aren't so great. Yes, it is great to experiment and have fun with looks, but for a daily look, I'm more about refining about what I know looks best for me and doesn't take long to do. I do have one signature look that I always rock at night, my smokey eyed look. Will have to show you guys some photos when I have decent ones! :)

So... expect some reviews, some photos, some dos and donts, but please just know that any reviews I do are purely from my OWN experience, don't get offended if you don't agree with what I say!

Lastly, if there are any requests for reviews, tutorials, etc... just comment me or msg :) Please keep in mind though, that I'm in Australia, so some products may not be as readily available to me :)

Okay... I lied, this is lastly... lol I must have a shout-out to those blogs to have inspired me to start my own one:

  • Vanessa on
  • Michelle a.k.a RiceBunny on
  • Aubrey on
  • And a whole bunch of videos on youtube! Gotta love that shit :P

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