October 27, 2008


So I went shopping... again... le sigh... oh dear... I feel terrible! I should stop! :P ANYWHOOOOO I bought:
  • Christian Dior Lip Maximizer - Collagen Activ - I TOTALLY LOVE THIS THING! Mecca, the cosmetic store that I go to here in Perth don't sell Lip Venom anymore so I've been looking for a substitute and I totally think that this does the trick!
  • Christian Dior Addict High Shine - #22 Casual Beige - This is a so-so purchase... I can live without it... but still really pretty!
  • MAC Fluidline - Blitz & Glitz - I LOVE IT!!! Thank you to all who recommended this to me! I will purchase the blacktrack after I finish with this one though :)
  • MAC Brush - #210
  • MAC Lipglass
  • MAC e/s - Black Tied -I love I love I LOVE! Carbon is the next purchase for me!

(Without flash)
(With flash)
L-R: Dior High Shine, MAC Lipglass, Dior Lip Maximizer, Black Tied, Fluidline Blitz & Glitz using the #210 brush


  1. You have awesome taste m'dear. And it's a bit sad to say (or telling) that I have all but 2 items from your haul >.< hahhaa. Maybe we've got similar taste! Casual Beige is a nice color, appears a bit more pink on me because of my damn pigmented lips but Addict Shine lippies are great! I'm glad you got Blitz & Glitz! Works the same as blacktrack for me! Afterall, who doesn't wear e/s with glitter?! Eyeliner w/glitter wont make a significant difference so thus it works just as well as blacktrack =P. Black tie is part of a palette I got. It's a great corner crease color or to line with =).

    And my mom love the maximizer! She uses it on a daily basis. She goes around the house pouting and asking me how pretty her lips are haha.

    Hahah if you weren't all the way in Australia, I'd cook for you!

    Hahha well I think you did a great job!

    Haha, it still showed 'phebelina', just without the x on both sides. Don't worry, I knew it was you =P

  2. thanks for dropping by.aww thanks dear :)

  3. omgoodness $74 for a NARS duo? Yea I would shoot myself too. LOL JK. But geez, I'm already having a hard time rationalizing a $32 e/s duo. I guess i shouldn't complain.

    sweet haul! I'm going to get some Dior lippies once the Sephora F&F rolls around. I'm getting pretty antsy! and thank you for your kind words!

  4. enter!!! there are freebies u could utilize =)

  5. i have no idea why i'm becoming such a mac whore lately! i swear the lady knows me there by name now! i go there like at least once a week! oh dear! :P have you tried the carbon? cause if you have, which one do you like better? :)

    hahah that's a great way to put it! Great taste! =P

    Haha. I love both the lipsticks and glosses by Dior.

    No problem! I'm glad you love it!!

    You know what? I actually don't have Black tie or Carbon! I'm so confused! I swear I did! Hrrm maybe it's with my mom.. I say get both =P.

  6. Oh crap.. sorry I copy and pasted your comment so I could reply without toggling between pages.. hahaha Sorry!!

  7. Great buy dear... all the right staples...lovely!
    Mac stays quite resonable! Love the blush color for fall ;)