October 13, 2008

My first haul on blospot!

Sorry for not updating too often these days! Just had a personal problem/emergency that I had to deal with... :) I'm also going to the Stevie Wonder concert tonight with the boyfriend and I'm uber excited!!! I will post up photos and videos when I can because I can tell you right now that I will be snapping away like a photog!

So... for my first haul on here! I've been hearing so much about the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric that when the Armani stall opened up at my local shopping centre (yes, we are THAT late to JUST get an Armani stall open up :P), I HAD to go get it. I must say that it lived up to the expectations! I love it! It makes my skin so smooth! Just a warning though, you will have to have pretty clear skin to start off with if you want to use this, the coverage is minimal, but is the perfect everyday foundation for me!

I just recently purchased:

  • Giorgio Armani Face Fabric - Number 3
  • Mac Pigment - Copperbeam
  • Mac eyeshadow - Suite Array - Sweet Liaison
  • My first Mac pigment samples that I got on iOffer! I ordered 20 samples, and 7 freebies!
I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEE my pigment samples, I will do swatches as soon as I have time to show you guys and maybe have you girlies help me to see whether they are real or not! Either way, I was pretty happy with them anyway :) I'm pretty so-so on the Sweet Liaison though... the lighter colour barely showed up (which you can see on my swatches, and I tried to pack on the colour too!) and the darker colour is okay I guess... Definitely not a MUST-HAVE.

These are just swatches of the Copperbeam and the Sweet Liaison duo:

(Without flash)
(With flash)

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