October 18, 2008


So... I've decided not to do the EOTD with the bronze look again, because looking at the photos... it looks SOOOOOO similar to the previous one... I just used different products haha :P I did use the photo to be my profile photo though and I'll post it at the bottom of this post.

Okay, so I need your help ladies! I am looking for a black eyeliner! Preferably liquid or gel, I'm not really into pencil unless it's to line your waterline with.... All the eyeliners I've tried so far has been just OKAY, it's never AWESOME or a WON'T BUY ANOTHER BRAND experience for me. Problem is, it always fades to a grey really quickly on my eyelids for some reason, no matter how I've primed or how many times I've re-applied, it will always just fade to grey really easily! So now I'm going to ask you ladies to give me some suggestions as to which eyeliner you think ROCKS YOUR JOCKS! I don't really care whether you've just heard about which eyeliner is good or if it's from personal experience.... just post up a comment because I need ideas fast! This problem is pissing me off big time! :P

Thank you ever so much in advance ladies!


  1. Thanks for the handbag comment pretty lady - it's definetly fun!

    and post up your bag too!!!!

    also as for your entry for Eyeliner..

    I used K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner, it's very comfy and easy to use, and has good staying power.
    You can order online from www.ohayousa.com

  2. MAC fluidline, Bobbi Brown makes a good one too.

    That's a pretty look on you! I love your lip color!

  3. Hey, I stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say your fotd looks awesome! Browns on me tend to look muddy =(

    And I have such oily lids, and most liners smears within an hour! I like using MAC fluidline, or MUFE aqua eyes pencil liners =) HTH!

  4. Haha k I hope you like it! You should try CCOs first because most carry many different colors of fluidline! Most people buy blacktrack which is just simply black. I have blitz & glitz which is black with sparkles, and nightfish which is a dark dark dark grey, kinda of looks like a lighter black or an off-black color.

    Yay for free items! =) Okay, thank you!