October 20, 2008

"What's in your purse?"

I've been reading around all the lovely make up/beauty bloggers around and I saw that they were doing the "What's in your purse?" posts! So I decided to do one myself (Plus, the gorgeous Kimberley Tia encouraged me too :P)!

So this is my bag... It's a Gucci... I don't even know what it's called.. I got it a few years ago when I went to Indonesia and had to stop over at the Singapore airport with my sister. We looked around and fell in love with this bag!

So.... what's in my purse? *Drum roll* we have....
  • My lovely Sidekick - or rather a HIPTOP here, how totally ugly is that name??! URGH!
  • You can barely see it but my Yves Saint Laurent Touche' Eclat - No. 2
  • Eye drops - all you contact wearers out there, I know you have this in your bag!
  • My car keys
  • My wallet - it looks like a guys wallet, but it's actually a unisex Louis Vuitton Epi Leather which my mom gave to me
  • A travel size Kleenex - it is spring time here and it is wreaking havoc with my hayfever, I sneeze continuously all day and feel like killing myself sometimes lol How can so much snot come out of someone so short! lol
  • Nars Orgasm
  • L'occitane Cherry Blossom lipgloss
  • Hair tie
  • Clean & Clear oil control sheets
  • My beloved pink iPod that my bf gave to me for valentine's day this year
  • Chanel eyeshadow - 47 ebony
  • Extra chewing gum
  • Garage door button
  • L'occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream
  • Aqium! I love that shit - I am a total germaphobe so I carry this stuff around with me EVERYWHERE!
There are a few items missing, like my Chanel eyeliner and more lipglosses but this is just what's in my purse at the moment :) Hope you've enjoyed the post ladies! I really should start doing more make up looks... but my creativity is lacking these days, will try very hard though! Til next time... adios!


  1. hi my love! thanks for the comment :]

    i suggest mac's fluidline in blacktrack. it's the gel and it is sooooo easy to apply! for a liquid liner i loveeee lancome's artliner. it's my HG liquid liner :] hopes this helps!

  2. thanks sweets! i wear freshlook colorblends contacts =D they look natural dont they? i love em! n as for my lashes.... i use shu uemura eyelash curler. it works wonders! its really worth investing. the only thing that sux about it is that they dont sell replacement pads but from what i read somewhere u can use the shiseido ones or the elf ones (this i've tried n it works)

  3. Cute bag! And I applaud your choice in cosmetics ;) haha.

    Oh you're making me miss my sidekick! My ex bought me the Juicy Sidekick. I was in love with that thing, but had to stop using it once I left T-mobile =(.

    Hahah thank you =). A job might be a tad more realistic than winning the lotto haha. But never stop trying =P, my ex certainly is convinced he'll win.. loser haha.

    Ok thanks for the name! Oh! Sorry! I forgot you live in Australia!

  4. Haha nooo, he's my EX -_- hahahha. But we're still close. Yeah, he does buy the lotto!

    OMG I'm the same as you! I hope to win the lottery but I never buy tickets!!! hahaha.

    Haha I have the blackberry curve right now and I've been wanting the bold since it was suppose to be release in June .. >.<. Hopefully it does come out Nov 2! As much as I loved my sidekick, after using a blackberry, I don't think I can ever go back =(. And T-mobile's service sucked for me..

  5. HEHEHEH I laughed when I saw the eyedrops, i have 3 in my bag! You never know when one accidently disappears mysteriously!! LOVE YOUR BAG!!

    Oh, that post wasn't too old. I go through almost the same thing with him like.. every week. We just have to keep on hoping guys'll realize how important we are to them so hopefully they'll learn to appreciate us more. :( That's not any time soon. LOL!

  6. Hahah no worries! Many others have mistakenly read 'bf' instead. I mean, most people don't talk about their ex.. he's still a large part of my life and I've known him for 7+ years so unfortunately most of my memories are with him ahha. DAMN! haha

    Um I'd have to say blackberries are the least user friendly phone. Most people accept that and just take on the challenge of getting use to it. It's TOTALLY unlike any other phone out there! RIM really did a fantastic job developing bbs! It took me about a week to kind of get things down and by a month or so I was completely comfortable with it. Thankfully there are plenty of websites or forums that help such as crackberry.com. But honestly, once you get use to bbs, it's a breeze.

    Yup, it is really weird. It's at&t! At&t was having problems with the phone or something.. hopefully it comes out soon.

  7. Oooh love your bag... I've been to Singapore airport, it's so fab wasn't it... lots of shopping!
    Thanks for laughing at my post dear... we need to work on our facial muscles sometimes...heehee!
    Hope to hear from you again sweetie* I love Nars too by the way...

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  9. cute bag..and that's some noice stuff u got there!