November 3, 2008

Daily look

I decided to play around with my laptop camera, yet again... yes I know I'm a camera whore! lol This is usually the look I that I do everyday, I got this look from Michelle a.k.a RiceBunny. I followed the 'Larger, Brighter eyes Tutorial' which can be found at:

Of course I tweaked it a little to suit what I liked, but I basically followed her steps and viola! larger, brighter eyes!

I also know you can't really see the detail or colours very well and I'm sorry... I will take proper photos if anyone really wants to know what it looks like on me or a proper tutorial, other than that, enjoy! Hope you like it! :)

Ohhhh! One more thing, well actually 2...! I've been doing the aspirin mask and the sugar scrub from Michelle's site too and I must say that my skin has cleared up and just has a better texture to it! If you are interested the links are:

Sugar scrub:

Aspirin mask: (I haven't been using it with honey though!)


  1. very pretty!) i also tried the aspirin mask, and my skin was really great! it becomes much softer than have ever been! I love Michelle`s skincare posts!

  2. Your skin is already great!! I should try the aspirin mask sometime though.

    The 'bigger eyes' looks great on you!

  3. Hahha that's hilarious! I heard a story like that where a girl had a mustache on for halloween and a lady didn't realize it was halloween and was just baffled how a woman could have a mustache like that haha

  4. hey doll

    personally i think you look better than rice bunny...i don't know what is all the hype around her...although she is effin gorgeous but...there is just that but!

    anywho cute blog!

  5. Hahahah wow, I can't imagine what it's like to have a numb butt for half the day!!

    Np! I mean it! =)