November 6, 2008

End of semester exams... moving houses... whatnot

Hiya ladies! Sorry for the abandonment of my blog, lack of updates, etc... I've been killing myself studying for my 3 final exams.... How I wish I studied earlier and went to every class! Lesson to everyone, go to class, it'll be so much easier for you at the end... I'll start doing that next semester.... Pffft... I'm kidding myself, I won't be doing that next semester.. lol

My body clock is totally out of whack, at the moment I am sleeping at 6am and waking up
around 1.30pm because I study through the night...

On an exciting note, I'm
moving houses today! WOOO! Not really... my new room is totally small and I feel extra claustrophobic when I go in cause I have a queen size bed... maybe I should just buy a double bed or something... hmmm... thought!

Anywho... I will be off and stopping my ramblings because at the moment I am on two hours sleep... exhausted.... and ready to just pass out! Have a good one girls! Will be posting up more soon! Here are just some recent pictures from outings and a laptop photo of me at the moment... as you can see, all the packed up boxes behind me, my glasses, the bags under my eyes, bad skin from stress, URGHHHH exams why won't you go away!


  1. Awww good luck with moving in and with your exams! Try to sleep as much as you can =)

  2. thanks for the comment =)
    and Good luck on your exams! teehee, cram cram cram lol

  3. awww thank you hun...Ps.good luck with all the exams...i really can't wait till the sem is over...

  4. Oh! You are so cute! :) I'll add you to my bloggielist :D

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