November 17, 2008

Mini haul + Bedroom pictures - FINISHED EXAMS!

I've finished my exams!!! Oh my gosh I've never been so happy in my whole entire life!!! :D I finally... FINALLY... was able to put on false eyelashes too! Oh my gosh, today has been one of the happiest days of my life! :P

I told you girls that I'd post up photos of hauls and whatever after exams s
o here it is! It's just mini... it's the stuff that I listed before plus:
  • Biolage Leave-in Conditioner
  • L'oreal Full Volume Mousse
  • CVS Day + Night false lash kit
  • Palmer's Shea Butter Formula Moisturiser
There's also some photos of my new room.. it's tiny but it's cosy :) I love it! I built my own bed and cabinet too! Both from IKEA, gotta love that shit... DIY is totally fulfilling! And I know my room is messy okay? :P I'm still not done doing it up yet :)

That painting that's the last photo is a painting I did in Year 12 and I've always been meaning to put it up but I've been putting it off...
now... it's finally up and hanging in all it's glory! I'm not an artist or anything, but I was just proud of this particular project I did in school because it got into the school art show :) Hope you girls enjoy!


  1. Yay!! Yeah, go spoil yourself after your tests!!!

    I'll do reviews after I've made up my mind about the items hehe =)

  2. you got a nice looking bed frame! ;)

  3. I thought you said you did that painting when you were 12 and I was like.. whoa!! Then I reread it.. haha.. but nevertheless I love it! =)

  4. I really want the Laniege Skin care. Is it good? :D