November 24, 2008

Sick like a dog

Oh dear... I guess too much partying has caught up to me... I am SICK LIKE A DOG! :( My nose is all blocked up, my throat all itchy, dry and sore... It feels totally horrible!

I do have a lunch on today because my friend is going home to Singapore for a few months... I don't really feel up to it but I have to make it cause I adore her :) Will make sure to take photos, I'm such a camera whore.. lol

Also, I've been wanting to try Make Up Forever HD foundation and the translucent powder, does anyone know where I can buy this online? Cause, as you may well know from my mass amounts of whinging previously, Perth just doesn't have the range of make up that I'd like! They also jack up the price ridiculously! I saw on the Nars website that the eyeshadow duos are like $32, it's $75 here!! Can you believe that??? Same with MAC stuff... eyeshadows are $32, pigments are $40... I nearly died when I found out! I just want to migrate my way to Sephora :(

Enough of my whinging and whining... these are just some pictures that I took this morning at like 7am... after 3 hours sleep... *whineeeeeeeeee* I had to wait for the plumbing man and the Foxtel (cable) guy to come... I HATE IT WHEN THEY SAY "We'll be there between 7.30am-12.30pm!" I'm just like, you can't be more specific?!?? URGH! Okay... I just whinged and whined without meaning to, its just going to be one of those days... le sigh...

Laters dolls!


  1. aw! have some chicken noodle soup & some magazines to read :D Feel better hun!:D

  2. AWWW well at least you have a good reason for getting sick! Haha. Rest up and I hope to see you back to normal soon! Umm I know the prices are insane though.. if you need help, let me know.

    Cute doggggggggy! =)

  3. Fell better soon sweetie!
    For me, pure honey 2 tbl spoon with a cup of warm water--3x a day always helps... Vit C too...