December 17, 2008

16 Fun Fact Tag + 2 outfits

Way late with this... but I was just reading lollipop26's one and decided to do one for myself :)

1. I hate beetroot - I've tried it once and never ever wanted to touch it ever again.

2. I was born in Jakarta - Indonesia but I moved to Australia when I was 8... which brings me to the next fact...

3. I'm actually Indonesian/Chinese/Dutch - my grandpa from my mom's side is dutch.

4. I am uber sensitive - I cry so easily in movies my bf makes fun of me. I even cried in Stuart Little... I know... sad huh? :P

5. I bite my nails - I know it's a disgusting habit, but I've always bitten my nails ever since I was young and I can't seem to stop. I get really bad when I'm nervous or when I'm angry.

6. I have a really obsessive personality - When I get started with something, I get REALLY obsessed, like Twilight or Gossip Girl, even games, if I really like it, then I'll keep going till I get sick of it and not touch it again.

7. Follow on the last fact, I fall in love too easily - When I start liking a guy, I would give my ALL to the guy, which can be a good thing and can be a bad thing.

8. I actually WANT a job - At the moment I'm looking for a job, to help pay bills, etc etc. My dad does send me money every month and I am eternally grateful, but sometimes it's not enough and I feel bad if I ask for any more.

9. My parents are divorced, which is why, even though this might sound bad, I don't see divorce as a bad thing like some people do. I see it as, if you're really unhappy in a marriage, divorce is a good option because you should never be stuck with something that makes you unhappy, life is too short.

10. I want to be married by the time I'm 28 and have kids by the time I'm 30, I want to be a relatively young mom.

11. I am obsessed with YouTube - This is how I discovered lollipop27, itsjudytime, petrilude, etc etc - by the way, if you haven't checked them out before on YouTube, please do, they're AMAZING!

12. I have a really close relationship with my sister, I live with her and even those we have our bad times, we know we will always be there for one another.

13. I get along with guys better than I get along with most girls. I find some girls way too bitchy and they backstab alot. (Please note that I did mention SOME, not ALL girls are bitchy - My best friend is a girl, it's just really hard for me to find girls that I trust around where I am... maybe it's just time for me to move away lol)

14. I am studying Commerce at Curtin University.

15. I want to move to America, preferably L.A or New York or London when I finish with my degree. (I totally know that London is not in America :P but I'd love to live there for awhile.)

16. No one really knows that I keep this blog... even my bf... it's not that I'm ashamed of it or anything but I don't know... It's not something I shout out from atop of a building lol

I tag anyone who reads this :) I'm not really that close to anyone on this beauty blog world yet, and the few that I am getting to know have already done it hehe


Now for 2 outfits...

Ohhh! By the way... my haul still hasn't arrived and I am so depressed :(


  1. Aww, I'm also waiting for packages! Isn't it depressing!

  2. You have fab taste! Esp in shoes!

    I also get along better with guys.

    I agree, divorce isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's necessary and it's a solution to a problem. Often things can't be worked out. But I do hope it's never something I'd have to go through.

  3. You're sweating?!! I'm jealous! It's freezing here! I live at a higher elevation so we have a ton of snow! =(

  4. go to LUNABEAUTY.COM, they have cute falsies that they sell there :) I'm Glad that your chin acne got better :) I hate breaking out:(


    yea.. exes are so lame. The ex of my old ex decided to come to my house and smash the headlight of my old car back then. Freak.

    I agree with #13!! The one about guys and girls. I can't stand talking to some girls for even an hour but I can sit and hang out with boys for hours without feeling irritated or bored!

    =X is aussie licorice cheap over there? It's expensive over here.. but I can't help buying it!!

    .. my verification word is Retint.. retint what? My windows? :D

  6. aw! That sucks~ :( I did not know they dont ship to Australia :(