December 13, 2008

!!!!Dress Up Game!!!!!

Okay, so I got this idea from a forum that I was in awhile back and I ended up getting so addicted to it, I'd make one of these everyday lol

Like every other girl, although I'm totally and completely obsessed with make up, I also have a huge passion for clothes :) This game totally captured my love for it and made me actually pretty aware of what is going on in the fashion world this season etc etc It also helped me fantasize and build my dream wardrobe :P I usually go on or OR

So basically, what you do is... you make up an outfit like so.... (I just use the "paste from" button in paint, nothing fancy :))

You label each pieces of clothing BUT you can not use a brand of clothing more than once in an outfit. It doesn't have to be high end labels, you can put an outfit together with pieces from like Target or A&F, whatever, it is UP TO YOU! You can have themes attached to the outfit, or maybe put together something inspired by something you wore that day or whatever, you can do seriously, whatever you want!

That's pretty much it :P I know there will be other ladies out there who would love this game so I thought I'd just put it out there and see if anyone else will participate and post up outfits on their own pages because I would love to see what everyone else comes up with! :) I will hopefully get one outfit up per day, probably with themes :)

I hope you girls enjoy it and have fun browsing through different websites for clothes, cause I surely do! :D


  1. looks like someone is having fun!
    The aviator sunglasses r hoT!!!
    You have a fabulous weekend sweetie*... Hope the 'breakout' has cleared... take omega3 & Vit E, helps to heal faster... ;)

  2. Hehe what a fun idea! I like your outfit too~ Very chic.

  3. love the chic outfit :) i love that LV bag i gots it :) weee.. i want to get the tivoli gm though.. need to save up!~

    that christian louboutin shoes = LOVE!!