December 20, 2008

Pictures of haul + MAC Select Foundation (PICTURE HEAVY!)

Hello ladies! I promised photos of my mini haul before so I here they are! I did 2 swatches for the Nars Mata Hari and the blue Inglot eyeshadow. I'm not liking the other colour so I'm going to give it to my mom, hence why I can't swatch it... I also got the MAC Select Foundation today... well technically yesterday, the lady gave me NC35 and it was wayyy dark for me because it also oxidizes loads during the day and I didn't know that until today when I went back to the MAC counter and the manager, who was looking after me told me. I went back and got an NC30 but somehow I still think it's a little too dark for me...? Maybe I touch my face too much? I do love the coverage though... and I did try the NC25 and it looked a little too light... URGHHH! The dilemma! lol

As you can see, my baby got a haircut because it's summer here and I didn't want him to overheat or something... :P I'm also doing the aspirin mask in hope that it'll help my breakouts :)

(with flash)

(without flash)

Just a little outfit I put together quickly... I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the Chanel bag. I want :(


  1. Hi sweetie! love the colors...I used to have a female dog named Mata...and the boy is Hari (which is still alive, 13 years old pug!)
    You have a great weekend dear!

  2. aw i luv the velvet dressy ting. and yr baby luks so cutttte!

  3. fun products and cute doggie!!! I love the Dita sunglasses!

  4. Glad your chin breakout was gone!! Whew! I love the outfit you put together. Id be cold wearing that though ;P GREAt haul you got there!! :D

  5. I love Alexander McQueen boots!

    The blush looks pretty! I'm making a mental note to check that out! Your pup is cute!!