January 2, 2009

Easiest eye make up I've ever done...

Okay, so I was playing around with make up just now and I was just about to give up because I wasn't getting any luck on doing a look that I'd like when I just sploshed on one colour all over my eye and it turned out so pretty! This is why I only have photos of just my one eye by the way... and also I have no foundation on in the photos, you can see every pore, spot, pimple, whatever... GROSS! So I'm sorry, but I actually liked this look :P

Ohhh! And also, my hand is always on the side of my face because it's holding back a piece of hair :P I don't always pose like that haha How silly!

I seriously used just one colour and it is:
Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust - #41 - My brush was wet from cleaning it with a baby wipe when I decided to just see what this would look like all over my lid. I've never used this for a lid colour and was really surprised to see it look so beautiful when used with a wet brush! I put a bit too much on so I blended the colour up, but the concentration of colour was still on my lid. This was when I noticed it could actually be my one pot wonder!

After blending until I was happy, I just lined my eye with liquid liner and winged out the end a bit. I used Rimmel liquid eyeliner

Glued on some Sassi falsies I actually really like their adhesive :) $4.00! Mascara on bottom lashes.

Lined my eye with white Rimmel eyeliner.

Finally, I just used the NYX white pearl mania near the tear ducts and on my bottom lash line and continued the line with more Napoleon Perdis loose dust up until it meets the liquid eyeliner.

VOILA! You're done!

Products I used:
  • Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust - #14
  • Sassi false eyelashes - #600
  • NYX Pearl Mania - White
  • Rimmel liquid liner - Black
FOUR products, and it took me seriously 5 minutes to do if I didn't fumble around to see if I wanted to continue with the eye look or not! TOO EASY! :)


  1. The falsies look really great on your eyes, and the golden shimmers are beautiful! Your skin looks nice without any foundation! :]

  2. wow, i found your blog through fuz's blog. Your eyes are so pretty! The makeup is gorgeous as well. Isn't it interesting that sometimes less IS more?! ;)and I am envious of your skin.

  3. so beautiful!using the NYX white pearl mania near the tear ducts is a nice final touch! Great weekend sweetie!

  4. I agree, it does look rather pretty. Sometimes the simplest things are the best! Happy new year babe!

  5. wow your skin is so good and gorgeous makeup! love the falsies and the gold colour x

  6. you got nice big eyes :) love them falsies on you

  7. Girl, I love how you do your make up! :D Where do you buy your falsies and what glue do you use? I want some glue that can make my falsies stay on place. lol! :)

    Ah! I'm in love with the laneige peel :D

  8. <3 thanks! you're so precious! your face is SO pretty. i can't believe i haven't run into your blog before now. :)