February 9, 2009

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Brief Review+ MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15


(After 1 swipe)
I bought the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover today because I finished my L'Oreal one and so far, it's been great! I've used it just once today but I think it really does the job with the minimal amount of tugging and pulling on your skin!

What it claims:
"This dual-phase 100% oi-free liquid activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup without any tugging, pulling or stinging. Your skin is left feeling clean and fresh with no oily residue. Aloe and cucumber extracts soothe skin."

I have to say that this eye makeup remover does what it claims, although it does leave a little oily residue on your eyes, it still works very nicely, it took me seriously, like 3 swipes to clean my eyes completely, it's awesome! It was cheap as well! From what I remember, it was like $10 or something? Which is a little better because the L'Oreal is like $11 or $12... A little difference I know, but the Neutrogena is better anyway! :)


I also got the MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 because I thought the Moisture Lush was wayyy too moisturizing for my skin, I gave it to my mom instead! :) So far so good... It doesn't leave a greasy feeling after I put it on, like Moisture Lush does!


  1. i have the same eye makeup remover (neutrogena), it does leave a bit of oil, but on the direction it says that you're suppose to use water after you clean the makeup. No more oil on the eyelids!! =)

  2. I'm just another person that loves to read about beauty products. I liek your post! The Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is my HG for over a year now. I only use it on my eyes. It cost about $5-$7 in Georgia. I use the Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser to remove makeup off my face, it works great too! I am in love with Fix + and I am glad to see someone else who appreciates these beauty products =)

  3. hey sis. thank you for your kind words :) im glad u know how i feel too. life sucks -_-;;

    ooh, go try out the loreal eye & lips makeup remover. i know its more expensive but its much better than neutrogena, it isnt oily =/

  4. hello sexy doll!

    this comment is for the post below hahaha...well 1st off i just wanna say your looking gorge love your smokey look and im loving your polyvore outfits!!! i can spend hours on that thing!!! and yes the latex leggings are like my second skin...wayyyy comfy and super sexy...wish i could wear them to work but then it would be wayyy over the top...i hope all is well down unda my pretty...


  5. pretty eyes! Happy Valentine's day 2U dear friend!!! Heard abt the horrible fire in your country...my prayers are w the families of your countrymen, amen! Take care beautiful!

  6. I just bought a make-up remover and it's terrible so maybe I'll buy this one xx

  7. i got the mac mositure fix and the eye remover too. i have to use it once the old ones are finished, i sit any good? can you link x?

  8. I use to use Neutrogena but it didn't do a great job on my mascaras. It works wonders with eyeshadows though! =)