March 16, 2009

MAC Hellokitty Haul + MAC Brushes

Perth is uber slow and the MAC Hellokitty just released today... I was actually not very excited about it... I only got 1 lipstick because I couldn't really find anything I liked, I'm thinking of getting one of the Tinted Lip Conditioners though... The colour I got is called Cute-Ster.

I am actually trying to work on a smokey eye look tutorial but I have no idea how I'm going to record it yet so this time it may just be photos... plus I think my voice is super annoying... hahah

Hope everyone is well!


  1. hey phoebe. mac hello kitty is pretty expensive. well, let me rephrase, mac cosmetics are expensive, they are definitely over priced here in sydney. i only got the 2 beauty powders from the states and my bf bought me 2 lipsticks from korea :)

    you should definitely do a post on smokey eyes :) im looking forward to it.

    btw i changed my blog to

    take care x

  2. hello. first, you are so pretty and second Philippines is so much slower! They'll release the HK collection this 21st.

  3. Post a video w/your voice! hehehe. I feel like I know everyone so much better once I hear what they sound like =P

    Yeah HK wasn't too appealing. I got a blush and a beauty powder but I'm not loving either.

    That lippie is really pretty though!

  4. thanks for leaving me comments ladies :) i will be updating soon.. mid sem in uni.. im dying! :(

  5. i think melbourne is pretty slow too well compared to the states n all ! i was at work today and across from the counter i could see mac n their huge promotion going on, they had a stripper (guy) with a black hello kitty on his head.... so weird HAHA n ppl taking photos! would'v loved to take photo just to show bloggers but kinda not allowed to while working >< x

  6. I just got my first couple mac brushes...exciting...but so damn expensive :s..... I originally had cutester and founf it too sheer for me...

  7. helooo Kitty!
    Yes doll, I'm finally back! Hope everyone is doing well down under!!
    Study well & make us all proud hee!

  8. Hope all is well with you sweetie! Take care!! ~XO always