June 24, 2009

Very belated update! Haul! Photos!

Hi everyone!

Oh how I've missed you guys so much! I know I haven't been around but it doesn't mean that I didn't think about you guys! You might've seen me lurking around in the beauty blogs comment because to tell you the truth, I still read the beauty blogs everyday and YouTube, I just didn't have time to update as much because I was just concentrating on uni a lot this semester. I'm happy to report that I passed all my units, my hard work paid off! :D Other than that, I haven't really done much... My mom went to Vancouver, Alaska, Chicago, Tokyo and Indonesia for a month so I missed her loads... Things with my new boyfriend are going great... He's seriously, too perfect, everything I've ever wanted in one guy... :D I seriously think that's about it!

I haven't bought much either... the following pictures are just of some stuff I bought within the past few weeks or so:
  • Studio Fix Fluid - NC30
  • Studio Sculpt Concealer - NC30 - I dunno, when the lady tried it on me at the MAC store before it looked really nice, but when I got my mom to get it for me from America, it looked a little too dark for me... maybe I got lighter! :P
  • MAC brush - #224
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Woodwinked - I've been wanting this forever! And it totally lived up to the hype!
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Wedge
  • MAC Eyeshadow -Electra
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Shadowy Lady
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee - My LOVEEEE!
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Espresso
  • MAC Lipstick - Creme D' ude
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara -Black
  • L'Occitane Ultra Rich Foaming Cleanser
  • Del Sol Nail Polish - Peekaboo - Now these 3 nail polishes are cool :P I haven't gotten a chance to try out whether it works or not but apparently, they change colours in the sun! There are these little coloured stickers on top of the lid which is what colour the nail polish turns to in the sun! At the moment, it is raining cats and dogs here cause it's winter so I can't test it out yet :( but my mom assured me they would! She got them from me when she went to Alaska :D
  • Del Sol Nail Polish - First Kiss
  • Del Sol Nail Polish - Reckless
  • Dior Travel Studio
(Ignore the faded Lipglass label... I got some chewing gum stuck on it, so when I used desolvit to get rid of it, it got rid of some of the black writing too!)

(L- R: Espresso, Woodwinked, Wedge, Brulee, Electra, Shadowy Lady.)

(The 3 Del Sol Nail Polishes - They're all pretty sheer.. but the concept is cool :P)


  1. hi! love your haul. what lipgloss is that? c-thru?

  2. hey phoebelina :)
    let me know how you liking the l'occitane cleanser. i want to try out their newest range.. i cant remember what its called though :(

  3. i actually have no idea what colour that lipgloss is... i lost the sticker thingy at the bottom of it while i was cleaning off the gum cause i got that desolvit crap everywhere but i'll have a look around and see if i can find it :)

    that l'occitane cleanser seems awesome so far! i've only tried it a few times but it's very moisturising. the one thing i really didn't like about it was how runny it was! i should've known because i was shaking the damn tube in the shower but i opened the cap not thinking about it pouring out everywhere hahah was quiet a waste of product but now i know better! :P it smells really nice too :)

  4. woww nice hauling :D woodwinked and brulee look awesome! thanks for the swatches :)

  5. Wow, amazing haul!
    I'm looking for MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee
    But I ask the MAC counter for "Eye shadow in Brulee", they couldn't find it, and they ask me if I'm looking for "Eye shadow in Brule"?
    Can you please chick your MAC eyeshadow - Brulee, and see if it is Brule or Brulee?
    Thank you soooo much!!! : )