July 19, 2009

MAC Sienna + Shadowy Lady FOTD + Rearranged room photos!

HERRROOOO!! I hope everyone is well! :D I had some spare time today while my bub was at work so I decided to do a look that I found on YouTube from Julieg713 which can be found:

Of course, I tweaked it a little to my taste but that's where I got my inspiration from :D

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC 30
  • Palgantong Powder - Clear
  • Prescriptives Camouflage - Yellow/Orange Medium 04
  • NYX blush - Stone
  • MAC Sienna Pigment
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Shadowy Lady - on the crease
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Typographic - lightly over the Shadowy Lady just to darken the corners out
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee
  • MAC Fluidline - Blitz & Glitz
  • NYX Eyeshadow - Black - Over the Blitz & Glitz
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
  • MM Lash Expander
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
  • MAC Plushglass - Fullfilled
Last week or so I rearranged my room because I got a new cabinet cause my last one broke... I think I stuffed too much in it :P but I LOVEEEE my new cabinet, in the first drawer, because it has a smaller one inside it where I keep all my make up, eyelashes, other crap and stuff :D

It's been sooooooo cold and rainy and dark lately and I LOVE IT! Oh my gosh :D Yes, I am a freak and I love winter because I get snuggled from my bub :D


  1. Hi.. I really like the colors you used on your eyes, very neutral and pretty.

  2. Hi! ;)
    Just came across your nice blog! I like your fotds! You look so cute! <3


  3. Hey gorgeous! I love the way you organized your drawers. My stuff is everywhere =(

  4. Hi~!! than kyou for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment!! you are so beautiful I love your eyes :D and the photo of the sky and the bed looks so artistically beautiful ^__^

  5. Hi! I love the colors you used, so pretty!
    Oh and I'm looking for MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee
    But I ask the MAC counter for "Eye shadow in Brulee", they couldn't find it, and they ask me if I'm looking for "Eye shadow in Brule"?
    Can you please chick your MAC eyeshadow - Brulee, and see if it is Brule or Brulee?
    Thank you soooo much!!! : )

  6. hi daphne!
    it's definitely brule! sorry for the confusion! but either way... it's pronounced the same way isnt it? silly mac counter lady! :P

    i hope you enjoy the eyeshadow! :D

  7. Oh please come do my makeup!!! I am so simple minded when it comes to eyeshadow!

  8. you look gorgeous! such a natural look, <3 it! :)

  9. i LOVE just really simple make up, nothing too over the top... don't want to scare ppl who might see you with no make up on and they just scream and run the other way cause you look completely different! :P