July 6, 2009

My 21st birthday weekend! (PICTURE HEAVY!!!)

So I had mentioned before that I would be having my birthday party at 1907 and I did! I had such a great time, minus the bar not letting in my guests in when there was a line, even though they had told me that my friends wouldn't have to wait in line! Other than that, I got awesome presents which I didn't expect at all and I was so glad to have spent it surrounded by the ones I loved :D Yes, I did get sloshed, even though I really really didn't want to, in case I look back on the photos and totally regret looking like a tool in most of them, but the photos didn't turn out that bad anyway! :P

I have some upcoming hauls cause my boyfriend let me go nuts buying stuff online, so I should be expecting those packages within the next week! I will post up photos and swatches, reviews and whatnot once I get the stuff :)

Hope you are all well and enjoy the photos! I sure did have a great time :P

Friday - 3/07/09 - 1907 and Tiger Lils

Saturday - 04/07/09 - My house and Metro City


  1. Happy belated! You looked very happy~ :D

  2. Oooh P...Happy belated doll!
    Looks like so much FUN with friends around...
    haha...what were you doing under the card-box?! Lots of blessings for the future okie~