August 8, 2009

Sick... (Update + help? + wishlist)

Hey guys! I know I've been pretty MIA lately, but that's because uni has started and also I have been sick like a dog! :( The flu has been going around here like crazy and everyone that I know, minus my bf, who was the person who gave it to me I think, are sick! I was so scared I had swine flu because everyone was joking around telling me that! :P So I have totally just been chilling out at home, playing WoW... YES, I AM A NERD and I am not afraid to say it! :D My bf and I have been playing for a month now and it is very very addictive and I love it :P

I am flying off to Indonesia on the 23rd of August to go back to Jakarta and see some family on my week break so I will definitely be missing fr a week then :) I will also hopefully get some shopping done! Mostly Zara and MAC stuff.... I'm really excited to see whether the 'Love That Look' collection is out in Jakarta already or not :) But these are some things that I am lemming to get:
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Smokes & Diamonds
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Grand Entrance
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Strike A Pose
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Glamour Check
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Style Snob
  • ZARA shoes!!!!
  • MAC Lipgloss - C-Thru

I have also been looking around for a good medium-heavy coverage foundation because I'm not sure whether I'm in love with the Studio Fix Fluid... I do like it, but I feel like it's just not holy grail enough for me! So if anyone has any suggestions for an awesome medium-heavy coverage foundation, preferably with no SPF in it because it would be for nighttime and SPF + flash photography = FAILS in my book :D It would totally be greatly appreciated if someone can help! I've been wearing my BB cream everyday and I must say, it's kicked wearing foundation during the day's ass! I have now stopped using the MAC Select foundation and I will be giving it to my mom since I have ONLY been wearing the BB cream during the day. I've even nearly finished the tube! :P I have ordered another BB cream but it's a different brand, I've been hearing really good stuff about the Skinfood BB cream so I got the mushroom one! The one that I have now, the Dr. G one, is awesome for me though, so it will be hard to for the Skinfood one to top that! :D

I hope everyone is well and I hope someone can help me with my foundation crisis hehe :P


  1. Hope you feel better soon darling!
    Vit C & lots of water...take care!


  2. OOOHHh indonesia!! would love to go there someday :)

    I hope you feel OK by now.. everyone is getting sick. :( I just recovered from flu :(

    Anyway, I heard the MAKE UP FOREVER HD FOUNDATION is really nice :) Ask for a sample at Sephora :D Although I have not tried it. I'm a TM person :P

  3. Playing wow doesnt make u nerd. nor geek. takes more than that. especially if ure ingame only for a month now, ure not even lvl 80 ;) Ull see how much fun you'll have when u rich cap lvl! on what side are u playing btw?