September 7, 2009

MIA - Super Sick

Hey everyone!

So I'm back from Indonesia but.... I am uber uber sick! I'm not even sure how I got that sick... but at the moment I'm suffering from gastro and low blood pressure, so I'm constantly dizzy, light headed at the same time, nauseaous and it's hard for me to focus on things, great isn't it with mid semester exams coming up! :P I may defer some exams because at the moment, it's pretty hard for me to just get through the day...

I did buy a few beauty related things overseas and 2 packages of eyelashes did arrive (the ones I bought from eBay - and they were kind of disappointing to tell you the truth) so I shall take some photos when I am feeling better :)

I'm so sorry for the disappearance but I will be back as soon as I can and I miss you all greatly! :D


  1. feel better soon girl! :( rest lots and drink lotsa water!

  2. hey hun, hope you are feeling better:( in time for exams too and looking forward to your presence:)x

  3. Can you tell me whom you buy from eBay? I haven't ever done that and I want to go with a trusted seller.

    PS. Get well soon.