October 10, 2009

Going to to attend make up school?

So I've been thinking of taking a break from university and start going to make up school because that is essentially what I want t
o do in the long run. I just want to see if I'm wasting my time and my money with university... I am technically still thinking about it and researching about what courses are available in Perth. If anyone is a make up artist now or is currently doing a make up course, could you tell me what it's like and if you've enjoyed it? :)

And I totally know this is totally a long shot but if anyone can give me a recommendation of any make up courses/schools in Perth, could you please let me know? :D

I have finally make a decision about the Mavala Double Cils, and ye
s, it does work! I will post up photos of my current eyelashes, but I unfortunately don't have any photos of my eyelashes beforehand :( I did buy it in Indo and I couldn't take a photo of my eyelashes there because I was so busy :(

And guess what?? I found these super old photos of me and MY HAIR WAS SO LIGHT! I couldn't believe it! :P

Anyway, I went to Godskitchen on Friday night and oh my gosh it was AMAZING! Blank and Jones are <3>

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  1. YOu look lovely with any hair color ^^ and I am also thinking of going to make up school.. ahahah i dunno :P Its just probably for fun! :)