December 17, 2009

FOTD: Everyday Make Up Routine + New Laptop!

The lovely Ms. Sarah has inspired me to do a quick FOTD of what I basically wear everyday. I swear I've become lazier and lazier with time because I'm starting to grab less and less stuff when I just want to run out the door! :P It really is nothing special but I really like seeing what everyone looks like on a day to day basis! Again, seriously, my skin looks better here than in real life thanks to lighting :P Thanks for the inspiration Sarah! :)

  • Dr. G Gowoonsesang BB Cream
  • Studio Sculpt Concealer - NC30
  • MAC Sheer Loose Powder
  • NARS Blush - Orgasm
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee - all over the lid and under my eyes
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Ricepaper - inner v corner
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Showstopper - eyebrows
  • Chanel Inimitable Mascara - a few coats
  • Burts Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil
  • MAC Lipstick - Cutester

So I broke my laptop... sigh :( All my photos, videos, movies, music, all gone :( Thank God I got this laptop as a Christmas present from my mom! It's got Windows 7 and everything on it and I love it, especially the texture of the laptop! I don't know, I just love VAIOs for how pretty they are I think? lol

I got the VGN NW series, the VGN-NW25GF to be exact and it's not the best of the best of laptops but I don't really need that, I just use my laptop for browsing and such. I do recommend VAIOs though, it has been good to me and it's pretty quick!


Thank you so much to all my girls who have helped with when I needed it, with my contouring, searching for the right shade of Amazing Concealer, CS HD Foundation and so many other things! It's amazed me so much at how sweet all you girls are and seeing your comments really do make me smile :) So again, thank you thank you thank you! *ENDLESS HUGS*


  1. oooh pretty!! everyone seems to love Nars Orgasm. :)

    I'm lazy too most of the time, especially when I only have to go to school that day. Lol.

    Mineral blushes are nice but I won't recommend getting them if you don't like the fuss. Sometimes they're pretty time consuming in terms of applying.

    GASP. VAIOs are beautiful but wayyy out of my price range. Gah I want a new laptop too! >.<

  2. AWWW new laptop!so pretty !eh u now know how to contour?:P
    btw yeah sasa is all colorful and tempting !!

  3. BTW,help !
    is that bb cream good?
    btw how come i saw a bb cream and now it dissapear?hehe

  4. Your VAIO laptop is soooo sleek and pwitty!

    I loveyour everyday look! Very natural and the pomegranate lipbalm is looking good!

  5. Ohh Phoebe you are so GORGEOUS you don't even need makeup, honestly you are such a little stunner :)
    I loved reading thissss- I think it's so much fun reading about other gal's routines too :) So glad to be of inspiration!!!!

    Aww so sorry to hear about your laptop :( the exact same thing happened to me earlier this year and I actually cried! I lost years of photos and documents and my music (oh my musicccc) so I totally get your pain!! But atleast you got a nice new shiny one to compensate :)

    As for my skin care routine I actually have terrible skin- I really hate it! I won't go out without foundation I hate it so much! I have been using MD Formulations cleanser for awhile now and it has cleared it up alot, and also Philosophy's Hope in a bottle which is a great little moisterizer! I also like to use mud masks as much as I can because my skin can get pretty oily! But honestly hun, your skin is so gorgeous and glowing I should be taking pointers from YOU!!! :) xx

  6. P.S. Just got your comment, Noooo way of course I don't mind at ALL!!!!!!! I loved reading your makeup routine even more than posting about mine :)

  7. This is such a fresh-faced FOTD - I think it's just perfect for everyday. =)

    And awww, sorry about your old laptop but congrats on the new one!

  8. so naturaLLL!~lovely*
    So happy that you get a new rocking laptop!

  9. What a lovely fresh FOTD! Congrats on your new laptop :)

    I have never tried anything from the Burt's bees, their range of lip products seems to be amazing, I so wanna try them all!

  10. Your makeup is so fresh and clean, I like it!

    OMG... I LOVE Vaios. My personal home laptop is an older one and I've been looking to upgrade. I've neraly killed the one I am using now.

  11. Are you using the Gowoonsesang Brightening BB cream? I have it and I love it :)Its one of the best BB creams ive used. You look pretty with e natural look and aso has anyone told you that you look alot like Ricebunny Michelle phan?? :)

  12. i'm a new follower!! love the look!! very pretty!!! =) you have amazing skin!

    and i LOVE your laptop!!! so sleek!!

  13. is ur skin sensitive?mine is sensitive,so still looking for reviews
    who doesnt love full coverage?:P
    i havent tried skin79 one

  14. I don't get to wear eyeshadow everyday and I hate it! LOL, I like the way eyeshadows accentuate my eyes :) without it I look like a little kid and reallyyy tired >< but I try to put a light coverage of foundie on my face to even out my skintone :D But that's about it.. LOL

  15. I have never tried anything from the Burt's bees, their range of lip products seems to be amazing, I so wanna try them all!

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