December 18, 2009

FOTD: Nyx Pearl in Mocha and Walnut + Dyeing hair + 1st Polyvore outfit!

I just went for something really simple today, it's summer here so I tend not to wear dark eyes much unless it's night time. I used the really inexpensive NYX Pearl Mania in Mocha and Walnut because I think those 2 colours look so gorgeous together and I love how finely milled the pigments are! I might like them more than MAC's pigments! :P

  • Studio Fix Fluid - NC25
  • Prescriptives Camouflage Cream - Yellow/Orange Medium 04
  • Palgantong Theatrical Powder - Clear
  • NYX blush - Stone
  • NYX Pearl Mania - Mocha - all over the lid
  • NYX Pearl Mania - Walnut - in the crease
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Espresso - eyebrows and to deepen the crease out
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee - highlight brow bone and to just blend out the lines
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Ricepaper - highlight the inner corner of your eyes
  • MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder - line, tightline and upper lash line
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon - to set the Smolder because they're so creamy they run easily in the heat
  • Maybelline XXL Curl Power - only the primer side
  • Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express - this is becoming a favourite mascara combo of mine, it lengthens my eyelashes sooooo much!
  • Chapstick

This photo is just going to be a before picture because tomorrow I am dyeing my hair with the Lóreal Superior Preference in UL 4 - Ultra Lightening Golden Brown. I am so excited!!! :D

I think I am addicted to Polyvore, I used to sorta do this before, save all the pictures of clothes that I like from (my LOVE) and then make outfits! I'm a pretty simple girl, I don't think I'm very stylish, I usually go for classics rather than trends. I just personally don't think I should chase around trends because I'm not the skinniest of girls, I may be Asian but I have pretty darn big boobs and a big ol' butt and I just don't think trends would suit me. This is an outfit I would wear though! :D

1. Jeans - Rose Jet Jeans
2. Top - Missoni
3. Shoes - Christian Louboutin - You can't beat the king!
4. Sunnies - Chanel
5. Bag - Chanel
6. Bracelet - Chanel


  1. you look pretty as always~
    and woah you wore no lipstick? your natural lip color is beautiful. i can never go out with lipstick. lol~

    my sister is also addicted to polyvore and looklet!

  2. your new hair style really look nice sweetie! yes on classic rather than trends...I think we are older now...hee*

  3. ooh cannot wait to see how your colour turns out :) you look gorgeous here though :)

  4. pretty~ I have the nyx loose pigments but don't use them very often =/

    good luck on your hair! =D

  5. Hi!

    I just stumbled across your blog and am likin' it! :) I too am a Polyvore addict. My husband saw the "wish list" I was creating yesterday and got a little scared. ;)


    Kate Gene

  6. You look gorgeous with those pigments. I have a few of those but I bought all the retarded colors like the blues, orange, gold, and pink and i never touch them >_< are they really just as good as macs?? I tried using them wet once and they just bundled up together and didn't stick to my lid. =/

    I just followed.. can't wait to see your new hair color!

  7. Hey! you look so innocent in the pics hun! xoxo

  8. I like the pearl mania pigments too! they just need to fix the packaging and then I'll be super happy :)

  9. Ok, I do NOT know how u do ur eye makeup so perfect!!! It just looks so... professionally done!
    So...when can you come to Canada and do my makeup? :D

    And is that purple streaks I see in your hair?

  10. I have the nyx loose pigments but don't use them very often =/

    agua bendita