December 13, 2009

FOTD: Yummy Espresso + Countouring help? + Photo Tag + Giveaway!

Gosh it's amazing what lighting can do for your complexion! I took some of these photos in bright sunlight near my window and my face looks seriously FLAWLESS! :D This was taken yesterday, I was about to go to my mom and sister's baptism so I decided something that's neutral and not too heavy, clearly as it's church. Nothing too complex and but I liked it! I never really thought about using Espresso as a lid colour for some reason until now, weird....

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC25
  • Prescriptives Camouflage Cream - Yellow/Orange Medium 04
  • Palgantong Theatrical Powder - Clear - t-zone only
  • NARS Blush - Orgasm
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Espresso - all over lid
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Wedge - blended above Espresso
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Showstopper - eyebrows and to darken the outer corners a little
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Ricepaper - inner v corner
  • Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner - Black Ink - very thinly line your eyes and drag it onto your lower lash line at the outer corners also
  • Rimmel Eye Kohl - White
  • Chanel Mascara - Inimitable
  • Benefit Her Glossiness Lipgloss - My People, Your People

I've been going Christmas shopping left right and center, again to pick out my presents and I just totally realized how picky I am... I must stop being so picky! I did get the Clinique 3-step skincare system today, though I'm not allowed to use it until Christmas :P I hope it works because the random breakouts on my chin from stress HAS TO STOP!

Anywhoooo, I wanted to contour my round as face more and was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion about which one to get? It can be any brand, I don't really judge stuff by brands anyway! :P

Hope everyone is well!


The beautiful, gorgeous, stunning Sarah tagged me for this photo tag! :)

Rules of tag:
1) Open your 1st photo folder.
2) Scroll to the 10th photo.
3) Post the photo and the story behind it.
4) Tag 5 or more people.

I actually just lost all my photos because I broke my laptop so I just opened up my facebook and scrolled to the 10th photo, I hope that's still half okay? lol

This photo was while I was in Indo a few months ago, we don't have Starbucks here in Perth so everytime I go back home to Jakarta I try to have a green tea frappucino everyday (yes, I am psychotic, help me!) but I'm pretty sure I was at Plaza Indonesia and this was after a longggg day shopping and my mom, my sister and me just wanted to sit down. We couldn't find a seat inside so we had to go outside in the sweltering heat and I wanted to die, you all know how I hate the heat! My sister wanted to take a photo of me and my beloved frappucino but I was cleaning my teeth... yeah... great photo taking skills my sister has :P

Now... I would like to tag....









The awesome Ms. Jenn is also having a very very generous giveaway on her blog for the 1st year anniversary! Prizes will include:
  • Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow
  • 2 Revlon Sheer Lipsticks
  • 1 Revlon Colourstay Lipstick
  • A very adorable make up bag
and.... if she has over 40 entries, she will add:
  • 1 more Revlon Lipstick
  • 1 MAC Shadestick!!
Happy bloggerversary hon! Thanks for having the giveaway! :)


  1. I love the way you line your eyes and sweetie, I don't think lighting has to do with anything. Your skin is already flawless! =D

    Maybe something from NARS? I heard that St Barts is good =D

  2. MAC MSFs (in a darker tone) are really good for shading/contouring without looking TOO dramatic. Rimmel has those "Cheeky" split colour blushes that seem promising as well :)

  3. you look gorgeous! <3

    some contour? hmm.. i use MAC harmony (since MAC emote isn't available and doesn't need to be purchased at such high prices). though i hear the NYC bronzer (forget which one) works just as well and is MUCH cheaper. other people use face powders that are just 2-3 shades darker.. so in my case, i would get the maybelline dream matte powder, but whatever works best for you xD

  4. awww hope the clinique stuff works for u !
    i got theitr acne toner,moisturizer and spot treatment but i think its too harsh for my skin,so drying and make my skin red,poor skin.:(
    he he
    i think i have posted something asking for contouring help but still cudnt find the answer
    have u?

  5. So beautiful the natural lip color! The light is so important isn't take great photos, I prefer to have that instead of the auto-flash! Fab new week beautiful!
    xo as always*

  6. Gorgeous look! I love my neutrals, they always make a great look.

  7. Oh you look so gorgeous and FLAWLESS is right! Breakouts? What breakouts!! Ha, you are stunning :)

    I really love Benefit Hoola for contouring the most! I can always tell the difference when I use it!

  8. hehe thanks i just hate how long its taking me to get over him, but i am trying

    u are so pretty! i love your eye makeup

  9. what? your face doesn't need any contouring! it looks cute as it is! your face and skin look super beautiful in those pics! you look like those blythe dolls to me heh :) that's a good thing! super kawaii!

  10. the shape of your face is perfect even without contouring! love teh make up you should do a step by step for this look! :)

  11. P.S. I tagged you on my blog :)

  12. not just stopping but following! Me likey your blog! hehehe have a great day :)

  13. okay ladddy, you are seriously gorgeous! i love your eyes!!!! thanks for the tag... i actually did this one a while ago but i ended up with a BORING picture!!! >:\ i'll still post up the link anyway! :) happy monday !

  14. Hey Phoebe! Is it okay if I add your name in this post since I've already done this photo tag way back in August?

  15. oooo love the natural look :) and the starbucks photo is hilarious! i loveeeeee the green tea frap<3

  16. Hey love, thanks for tagging! Your green-frap mug shot looks so cute hahahaha I will get on it soon :)

    btw you look lovely on your FOTDs, flawless indeed!

  17. aww you don't need to contour your face shape is so pretty as it is =)

    I love that lip color it's soo pretty!! lol I've just started following your blog and love it =D

  18. Aww your face isn't that round! haha your mom is so funny lol

    did you get my update on Amazing cosmetics???

  19. Thanks for the tag Pheebs!!!
    I'm not sure which folder to use, coz they are all over the place...

    Anyway, I am so jealous of your eye shape!!! It's like those girls from japanese magazines!!!

    I am no expert on contouring either... but i heard that NYC or Wet and Wild have good contouring powders? not sure... for high end, i heard a lot of people use Mac shape and scuplt...

  20. i looove my clinique 3-step.. i use it in #3 for combination oily skin. it has helped clear up my random breakouts sooo well. also, i've been using the bare minerals bronzer called "warmth" as my contour for 3 years now and i've got nothing but awesome things to say about it. give it a try, maybe you'll love it too! when i finish the one i'm using right now, i plan on trying nars' laguna bronzer as a contour.. just for kicks haha

  21. Use a face powder to contour is the best because it'll be a shade or two darker and it won't look fake and bronzey like some bronzers :)

    I've done the tag already, but my picture was pretty boring! LOL xD

  22. As I was looking through your pictures, my first thought was WOW your skin looks FLAWLESS!!!

    And then I saw your text! LOL

    I gotta admit, you doooo look gorgeous!


  23. Boo...sorry to hear :(
    I can check out how much it is in Canada and send it over if you want??? (sometimes they put a premium on items shipped over..i dunno why) I hate when that happens :(

  24. Awww thank you for the tag!

    And lol at your picture tag. You're so cute!!

  25. Gorgeous're so pretty! What's the link to your friends blog so I can enter her giveaway?

  26. hello =)

    you are gorgeous! i love your hair =)

  27. You just look darling here - love the make-up and your skin looks flawless!

  28. u look so beautiful au natural!


  29. Haha, can you imagine if we live near eachother???
    Our spare time would be spent like this:
    "Phoebe! Wanna do something super fun???"
    "Let's go to the drugstore!!!"

    And once we get there, we'd never leave...
    Oh how the drugstores employees would know us and hate us :D
    Hahaha... Australia far? :/

  30. LMAO thats what i do too, makeup+flash+sunlight from window = gorgeous blemish free skin!

  31. Ah you are so stunning girlie! your skin is flawless!
    Lol at your "teeth cleaning" pic!! xoxo

  32. I second what Bombchell said! :)

    Love your teeth cleaning picture! I think that should be your avatar. ;)