January 29, 2010

FOTD: Kim Kardashian Look #5

I counted the votes and it was a tie between 1st and last and I've decided to do both but just did the last look today :) I was going to do my hair pulled back like her but I have a big ass forehead so I can't pull off the hair off face look haha! I hope you all like it and keep in mind this is probably one of the first looks I've had to recreated inspired by someone and I found it really hard! I think I was just paranoid that it won't look that similar to what Kim had on or something? Haha Enjoy!

  • Studio Fix Fluid - NC25
  • Prescriptives Camouflage Cream - Yellow/Orange Medium 04
  • MAC Select Loose Powder
  • NYX Ultra Pearl Mania - Frozen White - Highlight loosely on the forehead, down the nose and on cupid's bow
  • NYX Blush - Stone - Kim hardly had any blush on but I love this peachy colour on the hollows on my cheeks
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Woodwinked - all over the lid and a little on the middle lower lash line
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Wedge - crease blend colour
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Espresso - create the crease shape and blend blend blend! I also lined lower lash line with this
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Showstopper - deepen out outer crease colour and I used a MAC #226 brush to blur out the edges of the Espresso on the lower lash line with this colour because Kim's eyeshadow on the lower lash line went down quiet a bit
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Brulee - highlight colour on brow bone
  • MAC Pigment - White - inner tear ducts V
  • MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder - lined waterline and tightline
  • L'oreal Lineur Intense - Black - lined upper lash line
  • Ardell False Eyelashes - Wispies
  • Chanel Inimitable Mascara
  • Benefit Her Glossiness Lipgloss
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Woodwinked - I didn't have any similar lip colour to what Kim had so to bronze up my lips I just tapped the eyeshadow on top of the lipgloss softly but unfortunately my camera kinda didn't pick up the colour :(


  1. I would I wear a lighter lipstick BUT YOU LOOK FABULOUS that makeup is made for you I love what you did Good Job ! I can't wait to see the other look <3

  2. I LOVE THE LOOK! You did so well duplicating it! Can't wait to see more!!!!

    My domain has changed so in case you have a hard time finding it; www.makeup-not-war.blogspot.com


  3. Super pretty!
    Can't wait to see the other look.

  4. omg hun this is gorgeous! and you look so purdyy too <3<3 you should definitely do more celebrity inspired FOTDs hehe! =)

  5. wow super sexy look. you did a great job hun! :) but i agree with Hollywood heels i would also wear a lighter lipstick. I love inspired looks. :)))

  6. I love the look!
    Oh and I don't think I can pull of that hairstyle either. lol

    great job!!

  7. You look STUNNING! This is such a nice look on you! :)

    Xoxo, sandra

    PS. You totally look like Jessica Alba on some of the pics. :)

  8. gahh sooo gorgeous! you're such a makeup genius. hehe
    so glad it was both the looks i chose. i think! haha!

  9. oh my GAWD that is gorgeous!!! :D
    I'm tempted to try myself, but i don't have deep set eyes...wonder if i can pull it off...
    Man that eyeliner is intense!
    I'm gonna see if i can find it in my drugstore...
    seirously pheebs, you need to be a youtube guru :D

  10. beautiful! you did a fantastic job! <3 I might wanna try this now!

  11. hellooooooooo gorgeous! wow, you really rocked this look!

  12. aahhhhhh!!! you're beautiful mama! i lovvveee the look <3

  13. hey! you look great, you have awesome blending skills hehe! i too cant to that hair style. bt i love it on models!
    actually everyone at the garden was pretty much in tank n shorts its just me in black n pants haha! but it was such a nice breeze under all the huge trees i was glad i was wearing all that cos it got chilly towards the end! x

  14. amazing !! can't wait to see the other look!

  15. You did a great job! And I completely agree with the comment about you looking like Jessica Alba in some pictures! Nice! (I have been told I look like Jackie Chan. Nice. Ha ha ha!)

    I have the biggest forehead in the world, so I have a hard time wearing my hair back. I usually will only do it around the house. LOL!

    Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see more looks from you!


  16. i love this! you are so pretty! u nailed it!

  17. I love the pop of bronze and gold!!!

    This look is so pretty!!

  18. You look gorgeous! You totally nailed the look...stunning!

  19. This look is right om!
    good job girl.

    i am now folowing your blog.


  20. I think you did a great job my dear :D The eyes look pretty spot on! ^_^

  21. WOW! You look absolutley stunning my dear! The gold looks so glam on you, you are a million times more beautiful than Kim!!! :)

  22. Girl your eye makeup looks good and is on point!!! love it!

    p.s. i linked you love! =]

  23. You are too pretty!
    i love this make-up look!

  24. wow, this look great! awesome job :)

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