January 6, 2010

Lancome Virtuose Mini Review

When I first bought the Virtuose mascara when I was 16, it was seriously my favourite mascara, although it didn't really curl my eyelashes, it did make them super long! :D This is my mini review for this mascara :)

> CurlGuard™ formula lengthens and holds a divine lash curve for 12 hours. > The KeepCurl™ brush provides an outstanding eyelash curler effect. > Long-lasting formula is virtually smudge-proof, tear-proof and easily removable.

(plain eyelashes without anything)

(with primer)

(with one coat of mascara)
It doesn't really look like it made much of a difference on the photos but I promise you it does in real life, that's just with ONE coat of mascara!

- VERY lengthening
- Little to no clumping
- Lasts a long time on the eyelashes
- No flaking
- Easily removed

-Not very volumizing
- Not super cheap for a mascara - it's $40 here for a tube
- Didn't do as promise, which is to keep curl and also the fact that it is tear proof, but then again, my eyelashes are always straight, it doesn't hold curl with any mascara or any eyelash curlers
- It dries out pretty quickly so if you want to layer your mascara, do it quick



  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. nice review!i can see that its really nice for lengthening purposes ^__^

  3. you're so sweet for replying to my comment and i totally appreciate it! :) but i have one stupid question haha.. you said you used smolder for you water line... what is that?? i totally love makeup, but definitely not makeup "savvy." haha thanks again! <3

  4. Do waterproof mascaras hold your curl? Nonwaterproof ones are bad for stick-straight lashes in my experience...

    I used two coats! I should have mentioned that in my post XD thanks for asking!

  5. i like how natural looking it is. i like how it does not clump at all

  6. Lancome makes really nice mascaras, Virtuose is one of my faves :) Pretty photo by the way! :)

  7. Ohh this DOES look lenthening! Your lashes look amazing and so long!! And I love how it doesn't look clumpy (I can't stand clumpy mascara lol)
    Ohh and that last piccy of you is just gorgeous- you are just stunning :)
    Hope you had a great New years too hun!! xo

  8. Hey, my eyelashes are stick straight too. Still haven't found a good mascara. Great review, now I can cancel this one of my list. =3

  9. What drugstores are out there in Australia? Im pretty sure they have good sales too, you just have to know when they have it.

    re: the mascara is expensive :/ but you can really tell the difference it makes ^_^

    by the way i love that pic of yours :)

  10. P.S. Left you a comment on the actual post but THANK YOU again so much for the blogger award!!!!! You are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thankyou :D xo

  11. I love Hypnose to death, I'm sure Virtuose will be great too!

    LOL! I certainly know what you mean by fibres flying everywhere! The white one certainly did that lol while the black one stayed put on my face -.-

    Do grab some MBD masks when you make a Sasa order! I think you'll like them =D Oh yeah, along with some Silk Whitia. I used a green collagen one and I LOVE it =D

  12. nice review! those sunglasses look awesome on ya girl xoxo

  13. wow that mascara really defines your lashes wonderfully. It looks so natural!

    p.s. loving the shades :-)

  14. I'm just blog hopping and happen to land on yours. I think you're really gorgeous!!! :)

  15. wow I deff loving the sun glasses!Btw hun have an award for you on my blog!! :) Go check it out and have a nice day :)


  16. i have tried all lancome mascaras and this is probably my least fav. :( it does lengthen but doesnt give any volume (i love volume mascaras). the brush is abit prickly too and hurts my eye a little if it gets too close the waterline or tightline. also it dries up sooo fast i threw it out within 2-3 months? my ultimate fav from lancome is the hypnose mascara :)

  17. I love mascaras :) I'm like a junkie.. I have mascaras from last spring I haven't opened yet! I'm trying to be wise and get them when it's on sale but wait until I'm finished with my other ones so they don't end up expired ^_^

  18. Wow! That mascara is no joke! Your lashes look great! I am really impressed by the lack of clumping. Thanks for sharing!

    P. S. Work them stunna' shades, girl! Woot woot! LOL!

  19. Funky glasses :D You look cool!

  20. I have no nose for sunglasses! haha :) but great mascara review ^_^ I love to try different mascaras, lancome has always interested me but they don't carry lancome stand at my sephora so that's why I've never purchased it >_<