April 29, 2010

Upcoming Posts!

  • Review of B.Liv Cellnique skincare + updated skincare routine
  • Hauls from Aromaleigh and Beauty Of The Earth - I am on a mineral eyeshadow kick! I'm currently obsessed with browsing and buying :(
  • More photos from school
  • Celebrity inspired looks (if you guys want to request anything, please do so! :))
  • Updated daily look
  • More looks in general! :D
I will hopefully have something up by this weekend but I do have a photoshoot on Saturday during the day :) I will let you all know how it goes!

I will leave you with my favourite baby of all time! BABY CARLOS!!! :D (Thank you honey for the cute photo! :D)


  1. Yeah I just checked the website and they have the most sporadic locations...france and greece but not the UK or australia?? Sorry! There's always swapping :) xx

  2. ahahaha i love that picture of baby Carlos haha. Hello! just stopping by come visit my site sometime!

  3. Haha yeah Baby Carlos is so cute :) I saw this guy in the club on Halloween dressed up as that dude from Hangover and he even had a fake baby dressed up like Baby Carlos with him LOL.

  4. Baby carlos!!!! <3

    I got a sample of "off with those heads" (I think) and I can't wait to try it!

    Great reviews!