May 7, 2010

Hair Routine + Photos From Vampire Look @ School

This is probably going to be one of the shortest posts ever but I've been getting asked what kind of hair routine I have going on and seriously... this is it...

Firstly I shampoo with the Sunsilk Moisture Therapy Shampoo + Conditioner....

and I have to tell you guys that this is the SHIT! This is both so cheap yet it is seriously one of the best shampoos and conditioners I've ever used.! I have been getting compliments left, right and center since I've been using this and I don't think I will be changing shampoos and conditioner ever again!

Secondly... I use the TRESemmé Heat Protectant when I'm using heat tools...

I love the smell of this stuff and I'm pretty sure it works, I started using this around the same time I started using the Sunsilk shampoos and conditioner and my hair has been in tip top shape ever since, even after I dyed my hair!

That is seriously all I do, I don't do any deep treatments, I don't do anything special to my hair and I really think that the less products you put in your hair, the better because all that gunk is just going to build up in your hair and it's just bad for it!

I don't really have a proper photo of my hair and I will take some later but you can even see in the photos below that my hair just has heaps of life to it and is shiny and my hair NEVER looks like it has volume in it or has any life to it usually, it's just limp and flat, so I'm extremely happy with my hair routine at the moment :)


I did a vampire look today in school and although I'll post up proper digital camera photos later, I had to post up the ones that was in my phone! I accidentally ate the fake blood... surprisingly sweet! :P


  1. lovely hun! =) but i have to admit that you frightened me a bit with that look =P

  2. that is some crazy vampire look! I think the best part is the eyebrows area! hehe looks great =)

  3. Haha - so cute, you accidently ate the blood ;)
    I like the eye makeup with your vampire look. Very convincing!
    I haven't tried Sunsilk shampoos or conditioners except for a couple of samples I got over the years. Thanks for sharing though! Since it's so affordable I'll look into getting the moisture therapy one that you recommend.
    I use the Tresemme Heat Protectant too and I think it works as well :) My hair is not as fried without it LOL. And I love how you can overuse the product (I tend to be product happy) and it doesn't build up at all.
    Have a great weekend Phoebe!

  4. Your hair def look healthy. I have to try that stuff!

  5. you do really good theatrical makeup =]

    & I use the treseme heat spray also, works wonders!

  6. Ugh unfortunately Sunsilk doesn't work so weel for least it didn't. I haven't tried the new versions yet :/
    How awesome is the vampire makeup? You did a fantastic job, keep it up!

  7. This look is totally awesome!

  8. For some reason every time I try to go find Tresemme's Heat Resistant spray, it's always sold out!! =(

    Love your vampire look babe!

  9. Woah girl! well done with the vampire look!!!

    I love tresemme's protectant too!

  10. still cute photos for a vampire!

  11. omg, you look like the cutest vampire!not a slight bit scaryyyy too gorgeous awww! x

  12. You make a very pretty vampire! Hey just wanted to let you know i got you a sweet blog award - check it out on my blog. Thanks for your support!

  13. how the hell did I miss this post?!! Awesome work, Phoebe. You're very talented! And yes, you're still cute even as a vampire :D

  14. Great look! :)

    Visit my blog sometime too! :)