May 14, 2010

Photo of The yesterDay!

So while I was waiting for my photos to be printed off for my portfolio, which, by the way is the reason I've been absent lately... I took some photos in my car!

I'm finally on my last leg of my course and it is seriously getting busier and busier, if that's even possible, on top of me trying to get photoshoots together on ModelMayhem for my books :)

My Aromaleigh haul and the Red Cherry lashes have arrived (on the same day too! :D it was a very pleasant surprise to walk out of the house in the morning to go to school but be greeted by 2 packages :D) and I have done the swatches for the Aromaleigh mineral eyeshadows, I just have to put them up :) I will try to get it done by the end of this weekend :D


  1. Wow, Phoebe, those circle lenses look great on you! I spent ages staring at your eyes! LOL :D

    I'm excited to see your Aromaleigh haul and swatches. I've read good things about them but still haven't decided whether to try them myself or not.

  2. You look super cute as a blue-eyed beauty! I love the last photo especially :)

  3. Wow your eyes look huuuge with those blue circle lenses!♥

  4. Good luck with your studies Love!
    The blue contacts look really cute on you :)

  5. your eyes look sooo pretty :)

  6. OMG so happy to see your blog!
    Usually its always girls from US that im watching, i think I end up in your when googling skinfood perth.

    hows your course going? I was thinking of doing it aswell, but gotta finish uni first =(

  7. I like the fourth photo of your, very lovely! I'm from this Yantchill blog.