May 11, 2011

Facebook Page For My Freelancing!

Hi guys!

I just made a Facebook page for my freelancing business so I would soooo appreciate it if you could just visit the page and 'Like' it :D

If you don't, this little puppy will be very very sad! :( No... I kid... I just put him in because his face is too adorable!
It took me awhile just to even make a page for myself because I feel really weird typing about myself!

Hope you are all well! I have actually just quit one of my jobs (the one in retail) and am now just focusing on my make-up business and the office job that I have a few times a week :)



  1. Good luck with your makeup business Phoebe :) You have lots of talent! I'm sure you'll do well.
    Awww isn't that puppy so cute?! Is he yours?
    I would totally add you to Facebook if I had an active account - I don't have an active account on Facebook...but I like to see your blogger updates!

  2. Good luck with your makeup business!! Good on you for making a page!! x

  3. whoaaa thats big news!
    im sooo late!
    congratz phoebe!!