June 25, 2011

First Photo With My Baby

I look a little washed out but I'm still trying to play around with the settings on the camera :) I loveeeee it! :D


  1. gorgeousss! you look flawless with any camera tho.. true story=)

    <33 you!

  2. was this taken with your lumix?! :) congrats on your new baby. i love mine as well. :D btw... which one did you get? the LX3 or the LX5? :D

  3. Looking gorgeous Phoebe! I love your haircut and how it looks so piece-y :) Did you use any styling products like wax to achieve your hairstyle here?

  4. Lumix is a brand of camera that I've been wanting to try. I've always had Canon, Nikon and Casio but I heard great things about Lumix too.

    By the way, you look stunning in the photo. I love your hair and makeup. It looks a bit girly rocker-ish if that makes any sense lol.

  5. Love the silvery blue smokey eye! Very pretty look!

    Luv to invite you to join Makeup Lovers Community at www.themakeupbee.com. Many beauty bloggers are on it already, I'm on it as well :)