December 29, 2011

Jakarta Trip 2011

This was my trip to my home town Jakarta and my oh my do I miss that place already! I come back at least once a year and even that's not enough! I just love that there are so many things to do at any time of the day and of course, my extended family lives there so it's nice to be able to go see them whenever I want. 

I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, just for the pure fact that there are 2 malls if you go downstairs, and if you've ever been to Jakarta, or any Asian country really, you know how BAD the traffic gets. It literally takes 2 hours to go to somewhere that is 5 minutes away!

Enjoy the photos guys!


  1. the food looks yum and you look really good in flash photography haha :)

    pandaphilia style

  2. Looks so nice there and the food looks DIVINE!!

  3. You and your man are so adorable! <3

  4. Yum. Love all the food pictures.

    Mind checking out my blog? (:

  5. Aww looks like you had a great time in Jakarta. You look amazing in these pics, by the way. I love your hair color so much. Happy New Year, Phoebe!

  6. wow amazing pix, the food looks scrumptious!!

  7. How FUN!
    Please eat satay for me~YUM!
    Happy New Year dear!

  8. I've never been anywhere in Asia but I always hear about how bad the traffic is, so lucky you for having the malls right down from you :)

    Nice pictures!!
    Thanks for sharing with us ;D