February 11, 2012

Lookie Lookie What I Got...! (Clarins + Estee Lauder GWP + Inglot)

Hey ladies! Just wanted to let all my Australian peeps know that Estee Lauder (David Jones) and Clarins (Myer) are having Gift With Purchase at the moment!! I love love LOVE GWP! It's the easiest way for me try new stuff from the brand and I've been dying to try Clarins skincare products as well as Estee Lauder!

With the Clarins GWP, you can actually pick out of 3 packs. I got the Hydrating one but there is Nourishing (where they have a fragrance, body lotion and all that sort) and also Uplifting (where they have the infamous Beauty Flash Balm, a fragrance and all that jazz). You have to buy 2 products, 1 has to be skincare but I think it is soooo worth it because as you can see, the product size is of ample size!

With the Estee Lauder GWP, you could actually customise your pack which I thought was genius! You can pick each product, custom to your skin, so for example, instead of the Daywear moisturiser, you could get the Resilience or even for the eyeshadow palette, you could get a palette with cooler colours. I LOVE it when Estee Lauder has good gifts! 

For the final thing... TA DAAAA!!!! I got the eyeshadow palette for the giveaway! I picked my favourite brown colour and also a basic black because for a beautiful smokey eye, you'd only need this palette, but even if you wanted to use it in the day time, you could just do a wash of brown on the lid and line with the black! Hope you guys like it!!


  1. Oh no, now that you have shared these GWP, I feel certain that I'll be making a trip to DJs in the next few days!! :P
    Also I think think that is a fabulous combination for your giveaway, very thoughtful and practical! I've never tried Inglot products yet but the packaging looks so cute!!

  2. That's a gorgeous shade of brown from Inglot! And I think everyone that loves makeup has to have a black eyeshadow - it's so versatile.
    Wow the GWP you got from Clarins and EL are really generous ones. Like you said, the size of the Clarins Samples are pretty much full sized. And that's neat that both companies let you customize your GWP. I see a few products in your EL GWP that I've used/have - I have the Perfectly Clean Cleanser (love how it lathers but I find it a bit drying just like other EL cleansers...I should write a review!), both of the EL Advanced Night Serums for face and eye and it looks like you got the Daywear sunscreen face lotion (?). Your post encourages me to write some product reviews :) Great haul Phoebe!

  3. Wow, I sure wish Clarins and EL in my country are as generous! I'm so envious with the free stuff they have for customers.

    And it's so nice of you to include a pretty eye palette for your giveaway :)

  4. I adore the scents fm Clarins products...not too overpowering!

  5. Nice! :) I love when they have GWP and I love when I see Clarins giving away a generous set like that :D