April 18, 2012

Love Package

I am so lucky to have such a bf who has the loveliest mom! As you all know, my boyfriend and I do live in Australia but he is originally from America so his mom and dad are still there, because of this, I am very lucky that his mom sends us love packages all the time! We don't have Sephora or Ulta here so if I ever want anything I just get it shipped to their address and she'll forward it to me!

This time, she surprised me with lots of little goodies! (and also a few shirts for my bf and lots of chocolates!) I am in complete love with the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips! I don't usually like shimmery bronzers and all that sort but this one I do like. It gives the nicest glow to your cheeks and the shimmer isn't too overbearing. 

Hope you are all well! <3


  1. Aww..such a lovely package! There are many nail polishes too <3

  2. Oh how sweet of her! And I have that green nail polish as well :3 ahaha

    1. I loved the shade, surprisingly! Though my boyfriend said it was snot coloured :(

  3. Nice stuff!


  4. Everything looks so nice! Gifts like these are heaven on earth for make-up addicts like us! I always thought Physicians Formula was a little bit expensive for just drugstore but now I may give it a try since they do look quite nice in their little boxes :D

    kissesss :D

  5. oh ur lucky! she is so sweet!:)

  6. That's really sweet of her!! And lol at your bf's remark about the polish being "snot coloured" XD That's so funny.

  7. omgoodness she is so sweet!!! look at all the goodies you got :)))

  8. Such a great little haul from her. How sweet :D


  9. Oh that is so sweet of her. :) I live in Canada so I don't have ulta and at times here in Canadian stores it's hard to find sons of the same stuff here! Thank you for sharing your little haul!

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