November 1, 2013

Dyeing (Pun intended!) for Lilac hair!

It has been at least a week or two now that I have been absolutely dreaming and dying for the lilac/pastel/lavender hair. Yes... I know I will look a bit like a unicorn but I am way overdue for a hair cut and while I'm at it... I just wanted to do something drastic! I've always wanted an ashy tone to my hair but I fear that it's impossible for my hair as no matter how many salons I've been to, it has never been achieved. Does anyone know of any good hair colourist in Perth who can help me?!? 

 2 photos below from beauty related, lazybumtot style :)

Should I.... or shouldn't I.... That is the question.


  1. You should definitely go for it!
    I love pastel hair and wish I could pull it off!


    1. Hello again..I nominated you for a Liebster Blog award


  2. I've wanted pastel colored hair for years and it is so hard to achieve! For pastel colored hair, you pretty much have to bleach your hair white. I bleached the bottom layer of my hair to a very light blonde and i've been putting different colors in and letting it fade with the use of a toner. The closest i've been to achieving lilac was when i covered my purple with blue and it faded silvery/lilac LOL.
    The hardest part is most salons won't want to damage your hair to that extent and they refuse to do it :c
    Love to see what ends up happening for you! I've had colored hair for years and can't see myself going back to normal hair any time soon haha!

    à la foliee