April 19, 2009

Collective haul + Update

Hey everyone! Yes.. I know I've been completely M.I.A for the longest time, it wasn't because I had any particular problem or issue, but just needed a break... and I started seeing someone new so I've just been spending heaps of time with him... but I hope everyone is well and missed me! :D haha I have recently stopped biting my nails completely, it all started when I started seeing the new boy.. I have no idea why I just don't have the urge to bite my nails anymore... WEIRD, cause I've been biting my nails since I was soooo young! The photos above are just some shizz I've been upto... my mom's 50th, I went to Trance Energy which was sooooo awesome, and also a friend's 21st which was a beach theme :)

These are just some stuff that I got over the past week or so... On a side note, I LOVEEEE the BB cream, yes it's my first one but I just fell in love with it :) Same with the Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara, I wasn't expecting it to be so good! I haven't had the chance to try out the Silk Whitia mask
yet though! (I bought the first 3 items on the list from Sasa.com by the way :))
  • Silk Whitia - Quick Action Moisturizing Mask
  • Gowoonsesang BB Cream
  • Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
  • MAC Eye Kohl - Smoulder (yes I had another one, but it ran away from me... I have no clue where it went..)
  • Yves Saint Laurent nail polish - La Laque (I think...? I lurrrveee this colour though! I wanted a dark nail polish, but I didn't want black, so I went with a really deep, dark plum colour :))
  • OPI Start to Finish Top Coat & Base Coat
  • Bonne Bell Lip Lites - Creme Brulee (I bought the wrong one :P I was meant to get Cappucino because lollipop26 said it was good quite awhile ago... it was super cheap and I was in a mood to just buy random things so I went with it and it smells like... really strong burnt creme brulee, and the texture is just too runny and too light for my pigmented lips)
  • Chanel Inimitable Mascara - Black
  • Ojon Revitalizing Mist
  • Paul & Joe Eye Treatment Cream
  • Avene Sunscreen Cream 30+SPF