March 11, 2010

Small Review of Big Dueba DM23 - Brown

I seriously love love lovee these lenses! I am for sure obsessed with circle lenses! they make you look like such a doll! Everyone at school were just like "Oh my gosh, you look like such a doll! Your eyes are so big!!" They do look more natural in real life though :) The lighter honey coloured inner bit isn't so noticeable in real life :)

They are 14.5mm and I was actually scared it would be to big for me but they're actually not so bad! Maybe it's cause my eyes aren't really super small... They were pretty easy to put in as well :)

Comfortability wise, they feel just like my normal lenses so I really don't feel anything when I wear them. The first day, it felt kinda odd though, like something was in my eye but after the first day it was fine.

I can't wait for my other circle lenses to arrive! :D

See how enlarging the circle lenses are? :D

March 9, 2010

Random Photo of the Day

My circle lens arrived!! I love them sooo much! The ones I'm wearing are the Dueba DM23 and they're super enlarging! if you want me to make a proper review just leave a comment! :D And I'm also using the Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary mask in the photo :P Sorry for these short updates but exam is looming up on me this Friday! :(

March 6, 2010

More Circle Lens Orders

Disclaimer: I have not received my order, I have just ordered them, yadi yadi ya...

Somebody needs to stop me, it's getting out of hand... I ordered 3 more lenses! These 3 are from Kawaiilens and the girl who runs it, Kiki, as far as I've spoken to her is super sweet! :) Sorry for the short updates! I will definitely do reviews on the contact lenses once I've received them! :)
  • Dueba Dreamy i lens - Brown
  • BARBIE Super Nudy Green
  • BARBIE Super Nudy Blue


P.S: Work experience tomorrow! Yayyy! Apparently working with a modelling agency for a bikini/outdoor photoshoot :D Should be good!