December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you are all safe an having a wonderful time :) xox

December 29, 2011

Jakarta Trip 2011

This was my trip to my home town Jakarta and my oh my do I miss that place already! I come back at least once a year and even that's not enough! I just love that there are so many things to do at any time of the day and of course, my extended family lives there so it's nice to be able to go see them whenever I want. 

I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, just for the pure fact that there are 2 malls if you go downstairs, and if you've ever been to Jakarta, or any Asian country really, you know how BAD the traffic gets. It literally takes 2 hours to go to somewhere that is 5 minutes away!

Enjoy the photos guys!

December 28, 2011

Editorial Submission

This is an editorial I did with the fabulous Ragdoll Photography, Craigmadephotos, Decode Hair, Prufrock, Rebecca Factor and the beautiful Lissi Moone @ Scene Model Management. 

This was definitely one of my favourite photoshoots to date and the video which can be viewed here... is MIND BLOWING! Craig is such a talented guy it's ridiculous!!!

Hope you guys liked the photos!

December 27, 2011

Inglot Palettes - Swatches - Part 2

As promised, the second part of the swatches! These are the palettes that I use most when I freelance, especially the big palette. Enjoy!

(L-R: Matte 348, Matte 387, Pearl 434,AMC Shine 18, Pearl 420)

(L-R: Pearl 419, Pearl 446, Pearl 452, Pearl 431, D.S 488)

(L-R: Matte 373, Matte 355, Matte 390, Matte 337, Matte 360)

(L-R: Matte 327, Matte 378, Matte 329, AMC Shine 30, Pearl 393)

(L-R: AMC Shine 34, Pearl 405, Pearl 406, Pearl 402, AMC Shine 42 - my FAVOURITE one, this baby has not looked bad on anyone that I've applied it to and is a favourite for bridesmaids make ups!)

(L-R: AMC Shine 09, Pearl 407, Pearl 421, Pearl 423, AMC Eyeshadow 63 - this is just a matte black)

December 26, 2011

Inglot Palettes - Swatches - Part 1

Hi guys! I have decided that I will start blogging some more since I have a week or so break! The first thing I wanted to do was to do swatches of my Inglot palettes.

I went kind of nuts over these palettes and totally bought more than I should but I love them to bits!

They are so pigmented, easy to work with and so compact. The packaging is also very sturdy, which is also a negative about the palettes because the palettes are quite heavy compared to the MAC ones.

I've organized the palettes by colours so here they are... I've only swatched my blues, brights and blush palette today... I will post up the neutrals tomorrow!

(L-R: Matte 348, Matte 387, Pearl 434, AMC Shine 18, Pearl 420)

(L-R: Matte 379, Matte 386, Matte 388, Matte 371, D.S 478)

(L-R: Pearl 450, Matte 361, Matte 362, Matte 383, Matte 323)

(L-R: 20, 29, 21, 34)

Enjoy guys! I'm also organizing a giveaway and am just thinking of what would go into the prize so keep a lookout for that!