December 28, 2011

Editorial Submission

This is an editorial I did with the fabulous Ragdoll Photography, Craigmadephotos, Decode Hair, Prufrock, Rebecca Factor and the beautiful Lissi Moone @ Scene Model Management. 

This was definitely one of my favourite photoshoots to date and the video which can be viewed here... is MIND BLOWING! Craig is such a talented guy it's ridiculous!!!

Hope you guys liked the photos!


  1. the clothing is just killer! i love the first top so much and the strong shoulders. you did a great job with the makeup!

    pandaphilia style

  2. The makeup u did is awesomeee! <3

  3. Hi Phoebe! I hope all is well with you Hun and that you've been having a Wonderful Holidays :) I'd like to wish you All the Best in the New Year!!
    That's awesome that you got to do the makeup for this photoshoot. The video was a bit eerie when I watched it especially with the voiceover (I'm a little paranoid I guess LOL) but the pictures turned out amazing! The lighting, the poses, the makeup....looks fantastic! You should be proud of it!

  4. This is an awesome concept!
    I love the eye makeup that you did, kudos to you :)
    I'm a new follower, hope you follow back! :)

    Jamie Kate

  5. Amazing photos...i enjoyed all of them :)

  6. wow!!! goregous photo! must be such an exciting job to do so many amazing photoshoots and play with all the makeup!!!!