July 14, 2013

And Here's July...

Wow... Just wow!

This year is honestly flying past me and I can't believe that we are halfway through July!

I was thinking of doing more posts and possibly start making videos but at the moment I'm still a little shy on the video part! I do have some spare time the next month or so, so I'm hoping to do a lot more posts.

I did get a new phone, the HTC One and am absolutely in love with it! Not too fond of the camera but you guys can judge for yourself :) To me, the colours look a little washed out.
Hope you girls (possibly guys ;)) are taking care of yourselves!!


  1. haha fun photos!


  2. Hey Phoebe! Welcome back, I'm so excited to be reading (and possibly watching!!) your posts again <3. Missed you girly :)

  3. phoebe you are SOOOO gorgeous! I want your doll eyes!! gimme gimme hehehe :p

  4. I'm sure there are guys reading your blog ! :)


  5. You're so cute and doll-like! I do see what you mean about the colors though with the camera.