July 20, 2013

So... HTC Camera

So... I totally figured out how to use my phone camera!! It's a little inconvenient but it actually does take some pretty nice photos.

The trick is to use the different settings, I mean... Well duh, I guess, but I never really bothered to play around or to keep changing the setting everytime I used my camera. I use macro and hdr and it just takes amazing photos!

I only have a few to show unfortunately as I've only learnt this literally, 2 hours ago but... Here we go!


  1. The macro shot looks so pro! Haha maybe I should have a go at my phone camera settings too

  2. oh my cellphone camera has no other option... i think or maybe it does and i dont know about it haha ^^ you look pretty btw :)

  3. Oh really cute pics!