January 7, 2009

MAC Moisturelush Cream + MAC Microfine Refinisher + Coastal Scents brushes Review (PICTURE HEAVY!)

IT HAS ARRIVED!!! :D Not all my haul but 2 out of the 3 packages that I am expecting. The last package is from cherryculture and they took like forever last time, so I'm not expecting it for another week or so lol

What's pictured above:
  • MAC Moisturelush Cream
  • MAC Microfine Refinisher
  • CS pink blending fluff brush
  • CS white angled liner brush
  • CS tapered crease eye brush
  • CS chisel fluff medium shadow brush
  • CS sample baggy of the Squeeze Me eyeshadow
We'll start with MAC shall we? :)

MAC Moisturelush Cream: I'm still very undecided about this moisturizer. I really want it to work for my skin, it smells nice but it takes forever to absorb into my skin, I'm not sure whether that means that my skin isn't dry enough for the moisturizer or something else? Although when it does absorb, my skin is like a baby's bottom. I don't really have the patience to let my moisturizer sink in for like 5-10 minutes before I'm ready to put on my primer. I did just receive this today so I will probably do a more in depth review when I've used it for awhile.

MAC Microfine Refinisher: I LOVE THIS SHIT! I can see the difference in the texture of my skin from just using it once. It makes your skin so smooth and supposedly, it's meant to help with blackheads, which is a gross problem that I have ALL THE TIME. For the moment I love this stuff. I'm going to take a photo of my skin now, and I'll take another photo of my skin in about 2 weeks to see whether it has made a difference or not!

Top: MAC Microfine Refinisher
Bottom: MAC Moisturelush Cream


(L-R: Squeeze Me sample, white angled liner brush, pink blending brush, tapered crease brush, medium shadow brush)

Squeeze Me eyeshadow: I think it's such a pretty colour! You can barely see from the swatches that I did on my arm below, but when put on the eye, it has the most gorgeous gold colour I've seen so far. It's very finely milled and glides on effortlessly onto my eye and has a pretty good staying power.

(with flash)

(without flash)

Pink blending brush ($1.99) - This brush is HUGEEEE! It's like the size of my whole lid area! I though it would be smaller but I guess not... I should've checked out the measurements on the site, because they do have them, but I get a headache whenever I try to figure out the size of things in like mm and inches or whatever, I'm really bad at it lol Ohhh! IT HAS A FUNKY SMELL! I've washed it twice now I think, and it's still there. Not as strong as before, but still pretty funky :S

Tapered Crease Brush ($2.49) - This brush is so-so. It does it's job I guess, but it's a bit flimsy... I don't know... I don't have anything else to say except it's just an OKAY brush. Nothing WOW about it.

White Angled Liner Brush ($2.19) - I love this little thing :) It does make putting on gel liner easier for me. Maybe it's because I've been wanting it for ages but it's a really good quality brush considering the price of it. The other brushes, you kinda can tell they're cheaper quality but not with this little baby!

Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow Brush ($2.75) - I don't know if you can tell from the photos but this brush is effing tiny! AND IT WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE OUT OF THE BUNCH! I was expecting a longer handle and a wider and just generally bigger brush area, but again, I think that would be an error in my part for not checking out the measurements of all the brushes before I whipped out my bf's credit card and started spending. It would be really great for travelling though!


In conclusion, I have to say that I am a wee bit dissapointed in the brushes. I think I still may have to purchase the MAC brushes but am pretty happy with the MAC packages! Now let's see that cherryculture will bring me in the post soon! :)


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  2. hey hun have you tried the merlot grapeseed moisturizer from walgreens? i LOVE it. it really absorbs into my skin fast and it doesn't leave a greasy/oily feeling. i think it costs about $14.00 but it comes in a big tub. i was using the moisturizer from clinique, which i loved, but...it felt too thick and heavy on my face. i didn't like that =(

  3. I have no idea how to fix that.. haha. Aw I hope you find an answer soon!

    For some reason, I never pictured you with an accent haha. No idea why since I know you live in Australia. haha. I love it though!

    I want that angled liner brush!

  4. hey cutie patoootie

    1st off never use the blogger video it sucks ass...and it takes forever...after taking a long piss its still loading in limbo...

    go for google vid...i love it personally and it's private...means u wont be spread all over the web like u tube

    her is the link..helps to upload the google video toolbar instead of straight on the sight...

    google google videos...

    haha hope this helps

  5. Lovely accent you got! I have no clue why your camera is shaking.. weird.

  6. that angled liner brush looks funky! never seen one haha :D gosh so many hauls~ i wish i could buy stuff but i have to save for now >< x

  7. ooh i was going to buy some of the brushes you got from CS! but the blending brush is out of stock
    (I'm sad) So I got other brushes (I forgot which brushes I bought-LOL)

    Anyway, I didn't watch your video, my internet connection sucks :(
    but I hope you figure something out to fix your camera hun!

  8. hey phoebelina. i remember using one of mac's skincare. the studio moisture fix, it's pretty good. the cleanser however broke me out so badly. i'm actually thinking to try the moisturelush.. =/