November 4, 2009 order + chin breakouts.... AGAIN! + IQQU products?

So I have ordered some stuff off the other day :) I am very excited for these because I truly TRULY love the masks that I am buying. Here are the list of this I am buying from Sasa:
  • Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Pack
  • Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo
  • Asience Shine Therapy Conditioner
  • Kose Clearturn Q10 Essence Mask x 2 (yes, that's how much I love it... this is the SHIT!)
  • SKIN79 Hot Pink Collection Super Beblesh Balm
I will do a proper review on the Kose Clearturn mask a
t a later date but seriously guys, oh my gosh, if you have dry, parched feeling skin, this is the thing for you. It will plump up your face amazingly!

Downside in my life right now, my chin is breaking out like freaking crazy. I'm not sure whether it's because I just started to take birth control pills and my hormones are acting out, that time of the month, just general facial crappyness or what! I have been doing my normal routine, but if my chin doesn't get any better, I might have to try new things. These are just the little whiteheads that you can squeeze (yes, I squeeze, so what? I love the noise it makes and the feeling is almost orgasmic.... *sigh* I know I'm weird :P), but these are the under the skin big momma ones that you can't even pop! It's like 3 pimples in one, no joke, I look like I have an extra chin. Okay, I kid and I'm exaggerating but seriously though, it's really bad... Does anyone know of a good acne scar fading treatment? Other than Bio Oil cause for some reason, that shizz don't like me or something, it just doesn't work.

By the way, have any of you tried any of the IQQU products? It can be found here and I just want to see a general feedback from any of you guys that have tried it. I am dying to get my hands on the IQQU Acne Serum! The price is quiet steep for a small amount of product though I must say...

Anywhooooo ~ I will leave you guys with a photo of me and my baby at my sister's 27th birthday :) I hope you're all well!


  1. You look very pretty, I love your eye makeup in the picture :)

    And I just got a zit on my chin too, it's so annoying. lol

  2. i pop my pimples too lol, its an obsession! you look gorgeous!

  3. Well girl, I cannot even see any of these pimples you're talking about! You look just fine, beautiful~! <3

  4. Nice! I've just been into masks lately too! I have to try your kose mask now :P
    sorry.. i haven't tried IQQU products.. was looking at reviews.. and they were mix.. i was still debating too :p

    thanks for the visit btw! :) Hope you got a sample? :) my bf even likes it (he won't admit it though :P) He put some on before he was starting break out :P no trace of it after the next day! :P
    for me its not that simple though :( takes a little longer... :P

  5. haha i could play for straight 12 hours and no shower,grosss.lolll
    i also have 3 pimples on my chin !!shooot

  6. IQQU is ricebunny's stuff eh? I've never even been to the site before but wow it's pretty expensive! When i get the occasional pimples, i just spot-treatment it with clean and clear persa-gel (5% benzoyl peroxide) and it dries up the next morning! it's only $5.99 and it works!

    xoxo, nee

  7. @dana: oh honey, its all make up ahaha i conceal the living crap out of these breakouts! :P

    @nee: thanks for the advice doll!

  8. Well at least they're only on your chin. Mine's on my scalp and whilst that may sound not too bad because its hidden... it hurts when shampoo gets in the wounds. :S

  9. You look gorgeous in that picture, and most importantly, I see no pimples!

    I was quite satisfied that my face was behaving itself, but then I started breaking out like crazy *urghhh*

  10. Hey love,

    I heard if you're getting zits on chin & lower cheeks, that's definitely hormones related. Birth control surely plays a huge part too, but I'm sure if you're sticking to your usual skin regimen & the "time of the month" period is over, it'd look better *fingers crossed*

    btw I'd love to do you nails, just send me a round trip ticket to Perth & I'll be on your doorstep! LOL

  11. Hey girl you are gorgeous! Sucks to have breakouts, but I get them on my chin too when it comes that time of month! I use nothing much on it, I just let it heal on its own.

  12. Kose Mask then for me because I have dry skin! :]

    My skin broke out like crazy when I quit my BC and tried depo shot instead! OMG I got crazy zits all over :[ I went back to BC and its starting to clear up.. super slow though!

    I wanna try IQQU also but it doesnt have a great return policy. I'm thinking, what if it didnt work? The shipping is $8 :[ So its $41 all in all for the small bottle :[ But I really want the acne serum too!

  13. Adorable couple you two!
    When I was in Singapore, I went to Sasa stores...great Japanese products there! Not sure if this is the same Sasa though...I've seen them in HongKong as well.

  14. @lenore: i think it is the same store? well from what i've heard anyway! i would love to visit that store! it's a must when i go to SG next then! :D

  15. Oo I really want to try the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack but I hate having to buy x amount online just to get free shipping haha

    I don't use any lash growth--I'm just a fuzzy peach haha