March 17, 2012

KKCenterHK Lashes Review (ES A613)

Disclaimer: I was sent these lashes for consideration. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to do this review. 

I received the 10 Pairs of Handmade Glamour Big Eye Eyelashes (ES A613) from KKCenterHK and my sister actually opened these babies up first. The first thing she said was, "Is it meant to look jaggedy??", I couldn't stop laughing and thought she was kidding because even though she's my older sister, she has NO clue about make up whatsoever. I looked over and it actually was jaggedy and not the normal short in the inner corner and gradually gets longer! Because of this, I was really hesitant to try but as soon as I put them on, I was in LOVE!

These eyelashes were perfect for my eyes I think because they are not too long, not too thick, not too thin and just looks very natural if you're looking at me from the front. They were way more comfortable than the ones that I got last time and I found them way easier to apply as well as they didn't do the awkward flippy uppy thing that the last box did. 


  • Great from people with short eyelashes as it is so natural looking
  • People with long eyelashes could wear these too if they are after volume
  • Very pliable stem 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Very comfortable
  • Great value for money (US$14.00 for 10 pairs) 
  • NONE! I am so completely in love with these lashes!! I am definitely going to buy some after I finish with this box! 
Coupon Code: BLGB792PH10
Remember to do this coupon code if you do shop at KKCenterHK for 10% off!


  1. Wow they do look pretty natural despite looking slightly dodgy in the packet haha

    1. I actually think that it's meant to be that way so that it give it more texture, it's just so surprising when you open the box! Haha

  2. i'm love how this lashes design,its have a bit messy things on the design but looks really natural when you wear it.great review dear.

  3. It makes your eyes look so big!!
    Actually from your last review, i wanted to place an order but the website was confusing and i couldnt find the lashes that i wanted then i gave up! hahah

    1. If you were after this particular one or the other one I did a review on, you can just click the link straight from the post hun :) i definitely agree that the site confusing! There's just so many things to look at! Hahah kind of like Asos!

    2. wow these look very natural! i would totaly buy these, but i have way too much lashes, definately going to be on my to buy list! thanks for sharing!

  4. No cons at all?? That's awesome! I am looking for a natural and full design actually :3

  5. omgosh these look SOOOO sweet and pretty on you!! i love these.. they make you look like a asian barbie doll!!!

  6. gosh you have such beautiful eyes!

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