March 28, 2012

Strawberrynet Haul!

I adore getting packages from the post office! Nothing makes me happier :) I went on a spending spree last Saturday on Strawberrynet and I'm still waiting for my Sasa haul to come but I'm super excited that my Strawberrynet did! I mean, it always does come earlier than Sasa anyway! Onto what I got:

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation (#20 Ivory) - I've been wanting to get this for the longest time and for awhile I was tossing up between the MAC Face & Body and the MUFE Face & Body. When I saw it on Strawberrynet, it was just a sign that I should get this first. I will definitely get the MAC Face & Body so I could use it for my airbrushing but I will be getting that later on in the year when I go to IMATS I think! 

First impression for this foundation is.... wow it smells funny. I always get really weird about scents and this foundation, I won't lie, has a strong floral-y scent to it and I'm not sure I like it. 

Make Up For Ever Extreme Camouflage Concealer (#4 Flesh) - I also needed a new concealer and I'm super excited to try this out. I haven't heard too much about it online or anything but I thought I'd give it a try because I am breaking out like CRAZY and I need something to hide my big ol pimples! It's also a plus for me that this is fragrance free :) 

Laneige White Star Emulsion - I have been needing new skincare as well, I am finishing up my JUJU Cosmetics skincare and I was tossing up between Shu Uemura, SK II and Laneige. I ended up impulse buying on the Laneige skincare line because it is cheaper and I have heard great things about this line brightening up your skin. I always have scarring from pimples and I hate it so I'm very excited to try this line out. The rest of my Laneige stuff (Toner, serum and night moisturiser) are still coming in my Sasa haul because it was way cheaper on Sasa than it was on Strawberrynet.

Vitacreme B12 Moisturiser - My grandma really likes this moisturiser so I always get it for her when she runs out :) 
Shu Uemura Face Architect Glow Enchancing Powder Foundation Refill (#764) - Same, for my grandma as well! 

Let me know if you guys want to know any more about any of the products that I have purchased! 


  1. Nice hauls, love them all! Hope you could review on the MUFE concealer, I'm currently searching for a nice concealer that is capable to conceal blemishes ^_^~

    1. I've just tried this today and my gosh.. it is AMAZING! I may have to do a tutorial on the process that I do :D

  2. It's crazy, I LOVE getting things in the mail. When I'm expecting something I check every single day and when I'm not the junk mail adds up like crazy hahaha :D!
    I would love it if you'd tell us how you're getting along with the concealer, I need a new one and I was thinking about Dior Nude, but this one sounds promising as well.
    Thanks for being lovely, as ALWAYS.

    <3 <3 Anca

    1. Babe the concealer is amazeballs, like seriously... As I mentioned just above, I think I may do a how-to on covering up blemishes with this foundation and concealer because I have a huge mother of a pimple on my chin!

  3. ohhh ohohoh!! what an exciting haul!! i can't wait to see a more in depth review at how you feel about these products!!

  4. I love Sasa! Can't wait to see what you hauled since this haul is such a nice one! I hope the Laneige White Star Emulsion works well for you, please do post/review if it does. And how sweet of you to get the Vitacreme B12 for your grandmother! I like that one too. =)

  5. I love your Strawberrynet haul Phoebe! I've been eyeing some Laneige skincare products as well and I'd love to see a review on the White Star Emulsion you got. I hope it works for you :)
    I didn't know MUFE had a Face and Body Foundation. I haven't tried the MAC version, but my Mom has it and she loves it. MUFE makes great products so I bet you'll love the foundation :)