January 5, 2010

Updated Skincare Routine

So ever since Christmas, I've had a new skincare routine, so far so good, there hasn't been any dramatic difference to the blemishes that pop up but my skin just feels healthier and more moisturised. I don't really do much, I like to keep it simple because I don't want to spend heaps of time on skincare when
I'm in a rush.

(Clinique 3-Step Skincare System)

I LOVE THIS THING! I got this as a Christmas pres
ent and I've been using it ever since then. The saleslady said that my skin was dry-dry combination which I am a little iffy about because I never thought that my skin was super dry or anything but whatever, I will listen to her! It came in a pack and was AU$155 and came with the mild liquid facial soap, the clarifying lotion and t he dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Apparently it does take a full 2 weeks before you will see a difference in your skin and maybe they meant if you have some acne or blemishes but I did find that texture and quality of my skin has definitely improved and it hasn't even been two weeks yet!

My favourite product out of this has to be the facial soap, my skin just feels so clean and fresh after I use it, and I like the fact that it foams up :P I have no idea why I've always liked foamy stuff :P The clarifying lotion kinda tingles, kinda stings... but apparently when you feel that 'tingle' it's when you know it's working! The moisturizer... I feel it's a bit oily, it takes a little while to sink in properly (10 minutes-ish) and while that is happening, it leaves a thin oil film, for me anyway...


(Benefit Depuffing Action Eye Gel)
This was a present from the boyfriend and typically I don't really see a difference when I use eye creams/gels and it's the same with this. I will admit that it smells so freaking DIVINE but it does feel nice and soothing but I haven't really seen any difference in my under eye area. Maybe it's because I don't really have too bad of eye bags or puffiness though... I just like to prevent :P


Things I do once-twice a week:

I loveeeee this pore strip, it's not the normal white ones but it's black and I swear it works better! I have huge blackheads/pores on my nose and this helps :)

Hmmm... to tell you the truth I don't really like this product, I do use it once a week just to use it up but I don't think it's suited to my skin or something cause I definitely don't see a difference. I've tried it more than a few times and it still doesn't really do much, if anything, I got a new pimple on my chin usually after I use it...

Aspiring masks! Now this... I love... I used to do this once a week but I kinda stopped because I ran out of aspiring but I will get some more and I will start doing it once a week because with this, I actually can see a difference after I use, my skin just feels so soft and it's just awesome!

So as you can see, I don't really do much... I think the more crap you put on your skin, the worse it is so I try to keep it simple and easy :)


  1. oo i love clinique too! i'm only using the face wash tho cuz i dont think the moisturizer is moisturizing enough for my skin.

    gotta try the black biore strips!

  2. Ooooh, I've been wanting to try that Asprin mask on both myself and the mister. I'm glad to hear that it really works. :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR HUN! I hope this year is treating well so far. :)

  3. hi darling! Hope you had a wonderful new years!
    I love cliniqe's line - works like a charm. However, I stopped using it b/c I'm to cheap. Hehe. Cetaphil works for me :)
    I also have the benefit eye depuffer. Don't think it works that well either. I have bags... and nothing really works so well. Maybe it's genetic and i'm stuck with it!
    And that laneige yogurt pack too. It smells SO good! I haven't really noticed too much change with any of the products I use. Maybe I'm using all the wrong ones!


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  5. i used to hate the 3 step system, but it turns out i was using the wrong one. it really does maeu your skin feel nice. i did have to stop using the moisturizing lotion cause it broke me out!

  6. I am not very fond of the dramatically different moisturizing lotion! It didn't do anything for me :/? BUT I guess it didn't break me out so that's a good thing :) And where did you get the black biore nose strip! I have really stubborn ones and end up wasting it because nothing comes out of my nose -__-"

  7. I have to agree simple and easy is probably the best for a lot of people's skin...but ahhhh sometimes it's just so easy to get swept up in the glamour of beauty care XD --especially when things come in pink frilly designes, right??? lol
    I've been wondering about the strawberry yogurt pack, I'm glad you reviewed it because it's been sitting in my Sasa basket for the longest time but I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Now I dunno if I ever will!

  8. I used to use Clinique moisture surge and it works great. It's pretty expensive though so I don't use it anymore. Lol.

    I was tempted to get the Laneige strawberry yogurt pack but now I think I'll pass.

    You know, I tagged you on my last post and I got an award for you too here. :)

  9. Hey! I love the Biore pore strips and aspirin mask! I agree, it makes the skin smooth and lovely xoxo

  10. i dont think the moisturizer is moisturizing enough for my skin.

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  11. I missed on buying that Laneige strawberry pack!! I heard good things about it!!

  12. Man...everyone says such different things about whether something is suppose to "sting"...
    I've been told nothing should ever sting...
    But since it work so well for you :/... I don't know what to believe now...