December 22, 2008


Guess what arrived.................................................................................!!!!!

Drum roll please..........

If the "yculture" didn't give it away already... :P MY CHERRYCULTURE HAUL CAME IN TODAY!! :D

I've never been so happy and excited in my life! I screamed so loud I woke my dog up from the back of my house and he came running out barking at me! I am now officially in love with cherryculture, the quality of these products are unbelievable considering how much I paid for them!

I can safely say that the false eyelashes were my favourite items out of the haul, which was a surprise to me... they were $4.00 each, I got one from Sassi and one from NYX, but the eyelash adhesive for the NYX falsies didn't want to break open (you know how you usually use the cap to break open the seal? Well it didn't want to work for me... I got a retarded one :|) so I just used the Sassi adhesive instead and it was pretty good! The consistency was a bit funky, like it was already tacky when it came out of the bottle but I actually found it easier to work with this way.

The NYX Pearl Mania and eyeshadows were gorgeous! I'm so pleased with what I've purchased and can't wait to start really playing around with new looks and my new falsies :) I've already got a shopping cart waiting on cherryculture for me... I'm picking out more NYX eyeshadows and false eyelashes :)

Here are some swatches of the the NYX eyeshadows and NYX Pearl Mania (and the 1 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil):

(with flash: L-R: Dark Brown, Mermaid Green, Atlantic, Black)

(without flash)

(with flash: L-R: Nude, White, Mocha, Walnut, Charcoal)

(without flash)

(NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: Black Bean)

YES YES YES!! I am beyondddddddddddddddddddddddddddd happy, I'm estatic, and it is 4.30am in the morning right now and I can't sleep because I'm still excited! The only thing that sucked was the exchage rate... le SIGH indeed!

Hope you're all having an awesome holiday so far! :D


  1. lucky you girly" i aven got mine yet, waiting waitng and waiting for sum more time, ahhh! :) i cnt wait ne longer, itsuckss! haha. i kno, i heard cherryculture off ye and got stuff straight away! happy holliers!

  2. Yay!! Oh I was going to get a pair of NYX falsies but was curious about the quality.

  3. yAy for the haul! hahah! I can imagine on how you scream and all! If that was me, id scream too! hahah!

  4. I love your blog! As soon as I saw your swatches I ordered some NYX pearl mania online. I can only buy from Dutch webshops ( I'm from the Netherlands) and there only the pearl mania is available no other products of NYX. Too bad, I actually wanted the normal eyeshadows too they look very pretty. It was really cheap though, only €2,75, which is probably like 3 dollars or less. Have fun with your new stuff!

  5. its a cool mix right? do u speak indonesian by the way?. i like ur haul!

  6. Great haul hun! I love NYX falsies! They are AWESOME for the price!

  7. wow...early Christmas presentsss! Love your haulsss! Have a magical, wonderful, memorable Christmas beautiful!