November 13, 2008

2 down... 1 to go!

Ohhh I am so beyond excited! I've finished 2 exams, and I've only got one to go before I'm free from the university's wrath! I also bought some stuff :)
  • Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel (Which I got my friend in Singapore to buy for me :D) - Thanks to Ms. Pam xpinkxx - I will do a review on it after my exams and everything has finished.
  • Witch Hazel Toner
  • Benefit 'Her Glossiness' lipgloss
  • Olay moisturiser
  • 1 pair of false eyelashes (Lash Me - I think?)
I haven't been able to buy much cause I've just been stuck studying like a mad woman... I think I must've had like 2 Redbulls and 1 can of Mother and an energy pill, and this was all in the past day! I gotta say I was trippin' balls last night... was soooo alert and jumpy, my boyfriend kept laughing at me... what a nice boy! haha

I can't wait for all this bullcrap to be over and done with and I get back to normal life...! Hope you ladies are all well!

I will now leave you with some gorgeous photos of my darl
ing honeybun, love of my life, boy who will love me no matter what..... BANGLES! :D One look into his gorgeous big brown puppy eyes... and I melt... I can't ever stay mad at him, all I can do is just cuddle him :) This is what you call love!


  1. oooo tell me how that strawberry yogurt peel is -- ive been wanting to get it for myself, but that price tag makes me cringe.

    and your lil one is soooo cute, the photo of him/her in the blue hoodie is to die for!!!!

  2. cute lil hoodie she/he got there! =)

    and thanks for visiting my blog, girlie! i wanna link you up if that's ok with you?

  3. awww your dog is sooo cute! :D

    I want the Laniege peel also :)

  4. Omg your puppy is so adorable! I love the last pic!

  5. aw, I'm sorry to hear that :( If only shipping internationally is not that expensive, I could have help you :(

  6. He is a cutieeee! What breed(s) is he?! He looks mixed, like he has havanese and/or shih tzu in him.. maltese maybe..? hahah

  7. your dog is so cute!!! :) Thanks for the hug, it was very much needed! I just got word that my house isn't in ashes!!! :) GL on your exams! OMG i wanted to try that yogurt peel for the longest time!

  8. awwww that is one utterly cute and adorable little honeybun