November 18, 2008

MAC Little Darlings 2008 Holidays Haul and Swatches + Me using false eyelashes photos

I did say I was going to spoil myself a bit so I bought the 2 Little Darlings in Warm and Cool! They are sooooooooooooo cute! I didn't even want to open up the packaging! :P
In the Warm there is:
  • Gold Stroke
  • Gold Dust
  • Reflects Antique Gold (Glitter)
  • Gold Mode
  • Melon
In the Cool there is:
  • Pinked Mauve
  • Quietly
  • Frost
  • Teal
  • Reflects Blackened Red (Glitter)
Some swatches:

(Without flash: Melon, Gold Mode, Reflects Antique Gold, Gold Dust, Gold Stroke.)

(With flash)

(Without Flash: L - R: Pinked Mauve, Reflects Blackened Red, Quietly, Frost, Teal)

(With flash)

These are just some photos that I took when I FINALLY got these fake eyelashes on! I love them! I hear people get addicted to them and I'm getting scared that I will to, they're too gorgeous! I'm having a cam whore moment here :) By the way, these came from the CVS false eyelash duo, Day and Night, and I'm wearing the Night one in these photos.


  1. The packaging is so cuteeee!!! And those colors are gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for the swatches :]

  2. awww they're adorable! & You look so pretty! Go girl! :D

  3. pigments are so fun to work on the can even add some clear gloss to them and make them glosses...the brown makes your eyes look DOE like...or in my terms Crack eyes!!!

    bella bella


  4. o.O
    cute packaging!
    i love MAC piggies, they're so versatile :]

  5. OMG your eyes look gorgeous! The lashes look so pretty on you! And the pigments look awesome! Super pigmented!!

  6. great haul and looks! and your doggies are so cute!!!