November 9, 2008

A little update - MOVED IN! EXAM TODAY!

Hiya everyone!
Just a little update... I don't have internet at my new house yet so right now I'm resorted to using the net at university and I've already been capped for this month! : Too much facebook, tetris and poker on facebook this month me thinks!
I'm loving my new home, although it's really hard for me to move to new places because I get homesick really easily, this new place already feels like home to me :) My room is UBER small but it's cozy... I bought a cabinet from IKEA and had heaps of fun trying to build it with my mom, although I did screw up the bottom and now it's back to front, you can't even notice it! I will take photos of my room when I get the chance to.... probably next week on Monday when my exam finishes, so wish me luck everyone! I have an exam today at 12.15pm and I'm totally crapping my pants! Hope you're all well and can't wait to update more soon!


  1. urban decay has tons of purples that i loveee!! lancome too :]

  2. was looking at your profile. im the same as you, chinese indo dutch :)

    just asking, the dior lippie, is the consistency good?

  3. I love building stuff from Ikea.. it's fun and you get total satisfaction when you're done!

  4. Hey you! haha, it's going well! I'm in the 110s in the 3rd book! I'm having a lot of fun reading them! I wish I were a vampire, and I wish I could find my 'Edward' haha.

  5. no ud over there?! omgoshhh you should totally do a swap or something!! if no one wants to, i'll let you know when i have some extra cash and we can do a swap or something :]